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The Wooden Watch Service: Solar Powered and Eco Friendly Watches

American brand WeWood is the latest in a line of watch manufacturers who are aiming to become more sustainable to boost their eco-friendly reputation. The organisation is formed by watch enthusiasts who also have a keen interest in keeping the environment healthy. WeWood believe they can create stylish timepieces while investing in the environment.

Eco Friendly Watch Design

Watch manufacturers have come a long way since 2008. This is when beach sportswear manufacturer Quicksilver released the limited edition Ray Eco-Friendly watch. At the time this watch was known to be e one of the most environmentally friendly watches ever made as the timepiece was built with recyclable materials and was shipped by sea to minimize its carbon footprint. Only 1,000 pieces were made, each retailing for 370€.

There is definitely a market out there for eco-friendly timepieces as the selection has only increased since their introduction. Watch enthusiasts are looking for alternatives and are willing to pay more for a watch that is fashionable yet sustainable. Almost a quarter of consumers are swaying towards more expensive products that have an eco-agenda and 9/10 millennials would purchase a product over another if its purpose supported a cause.

Watches are now being powered by alternative sources from solar power to mechanical power.  Mechanical power can be produced by automatic movements and using the kinetic motion of being worn to keep time ticking away.  Both solar watches and mechanical watches require no batteries which means no battery replacement ever!

The WeWood Watch Service

WeWood designed their first timepiece six years ago in Florence, Italy (2010). Wooden watches at the time were gaining popularity but watch enthusiasts were craving something with was fashionable yet sustainable.

WeWood’s avant-garde approach have taken eco-friendly watches into a new era. WeWood produce wristwatches made from 100% natural and toxin free materials.  In recent years the brand has also announced a partnership with environmental organization American Forests.

WeWood have joined forces with American Forests in a promise that they will plant one tree for every WeWood watch sold. In just the first three months of the project, WeWood planted 5,000 trees within American Forests.

The eco-friendly brand We-wood.co.uk is the official distributor for the WeWood range of eco wood watches in the UK.

Eco Friendly Watch Brands

Eco friendly watches are like any other and to stay on top of their game they require regular maintenance. Watch repair Brand, Repairs by Post Recommend that any time piece be every 3-5 years. Watches can get damaged over time with chemicals and cosmetic affecting their appearance so it is recommended that you give your time piece a simple clean with a dry soft cloth every once in a while to keep it ticking away.

The UK trend in ethical purchasing reflects a global rise in the investment of environmentally friendly products with the proportion of consumers prepared to pay more to protect the natural world more than doubling to 46%.

This is great news for those looking for a watch that is both eco-friendly and in trend. There are lots of quality watch brands out there who are now investing in greener methods of production whilst stile creating watches with endless amounts of style.


Sprout are an independent watch manufacturer that have invented a range of environmentally friendly watches made from 99% bio-degradable corn resin, organic cotton, and bamboo! Keeping their watches simple and sustainable their watches are also free of mercury-based batteries and are available on online from the steal price of just $18.


Citizen are a much bigger brand and have the world as their audience. Citizen may be a larger organisation but they also have a huge drive for eco innovation.

The Citizen Eco-Drive range is powered using a solar conversion panel and energy storage cell which will last users a “lifetime” of happiness. Due to the longevity of these time pieces, they are on the market from 220€ to over 590€.

Time will only tell what is next for the eco-friendly watch market. With more and more watch owners opting for long-lasting power we predict that the mainstream market will clock on to this long lasting trend.

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