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Who Qualifies For A Free Boiler Under The ECO Scheme?

Households may be eligible for a free replacement boiler under the government’s ECO scheme. With no charge for the boiler, including no installation fees, you could upgrade your home’s heating systems. You can also reduce your home heating costs with new energy efficient boilers and increase efficiency for long-term savings. With more economical and efficient use of energy in your home, you are also helping to reduce carbon emissions for a greener, more sustainable environment.

What is ECO?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was launched in early 2013. The ECO scheme is part of the UK government’s Green Deal, a new and innovative financing mechanism that helps households pay for energy efficient improvements. The Green Deal and ECO initiatives are overseen by the Green Deal Registration and Oversight Body (GD ORB). The role of GD ORB is to register companies that deliver components of the Green Deal, including advisors, providers and installers.

The ECO scheme promotes energy efficiency by helping low income households and households with financial difficulties to make energy improvements to their homes. The programme has three components. The Affordable Warmth Obligation aims at providing heating and insulation improvements for low income and vulnerable households by helping fund these home improvements, while the Carbon Saving Obligation provides funding to insulate properties with internal and external solid walls. The third component of the ECO scheme is the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation, which provides support for insulation measures for those living within the bottom 15 percent of the UK’s most deprived areas. This third component is designed particularly for low income housing.

What are the Benefits of ECO?

Through ECO, households could be eligible for a new replacement boiler and a range of energy improvements for your home. These home improvements could include new energy efficient radiators, cavity wall insulation, double glazed windows, loft insulation and central heating upgrades. These improvements are designed to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy waste in your home. As a result, improvements help reduce carbon emissions and heating bills by minimising energy waste.

As part of the ECO initiative, UK energy suppliers are also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Under the Green Deal initiative, energy suppliers are required to improve energy efficiency in households. In order to benefit from the programme, suppliers must also register as Green Deal advisors and assessors, providers and installers. This ensures suppliers meet consistent quality and service standards. Government grants are then provided to energy companies in order to assist with making energy efficient improvements to homes.

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible for a free boiler replacement if your existing boiler is not working and you are receiving certain government benefits. Benefits include a state pension credit, income related benefits (for example, income support, working tax credit) if you are living with a child under 16 and have an income of less than £15,860, or disability benefits and earning less than £15,860.

This offer is available to all eligible households, so you do not have to be a homeowner to benefit from the ECO scheme. If you are living in privately rented accommodation or with relatives, you may still be eligible for a free boiler replacement. The free replacement boiler component of the ECO scheme is not open to social housing tenants.

To qualify, an assessment of the home is first carried out by an authorised Green Deal advisor or assessor. The assessment will identify options for energy efficiency improvements and outline long-term financial savings of making these changes. An authorised Green Deal installer installs your new boiler and carries out any other eligible improvements.

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