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WEEE Recycling Keeps Laptops Out of Landfills

There is extremely high turnover in the computer world. It is rare for someone to hold on to the same computer for more than a few years. Many people get the latest model of laptop as soon as it comes out each year. While the reason for this is obvious, given that each new model boasts substantially-improved performance over the last one, there are also some pretty obvious downsides. The main problem is waste. Every year, a whole generation of laptops and desktops is thrown away to become new fixtures on landfills. This has serious repercussions for the environment.


The problem with computer waste is that just like many other machines, the parts will not decompose naturally. Laptops are not biodegradable. As a result, not only is this clearly only a short-term solution, but there may also be long-term repercussions. We are going to have to deal with the waste eventually, and while we wait, some of it is already doing harm. Computers are mostly made from plastic and metal, but there are also some more harmful materials present in miscellaneous components such as motherboard batteries. Various chemicals are free to seep into the ground and the water and cause all manner of trouble for both wildlife and ourselves.


The solution to all of this is responsible recycling. It is not hard to see that if we reuse the materials that would otherwise go to waste, we solve many of these problems all at once. It is important to take a stand against wastefulness and make an active effort to recycle everything we can. Computers are a good place to start. Rather than simply throw out your existing PC or laptop, consider taking it to a responsible recycling company. They can undoubtedly find a better use for it than merely dumping it on a landfill.

Best Practices

Directives like WEEE recycling can help to make the world a better place. Although we are unlikely to see vast changes in the short term, our long-term prospects are much better than if we were simply to continue dumping materials as we have done in the past. Proper recycling practices can help to reuse our machines and turn their plastic, metal and glass into new items. This more sustainable circle bodes far better for our future. Look for recycling companies that adhere to WEEE protocols so that you can be sure that your computer will be in good hands.

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