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Waterproofing and Energy Preserving House Renovation Techniques

In order to adapt to the ever-changing environment, you have to be flexible. This means that you should always consider novel ways to renovate your home, especially now when we are facing a rapidly deteriorating biosphere and volatile climate conditions. If your own home is ripe for a building project, here are some waterproofing and energy preserving house renovation techniques that are bound to pay off in the long run.


It starts off with shadow-sums added to your monthly utility bills, and before you know it, you realize the foundation of your house is filled with cracks and they are seeping precious, clean water from the broken pipes. Make sure you hire professionals who can add waterproof coating to both the toilet and the kitchen area. This is where most of the water-related problems tend to occur, and they can stay invisible for a long time, slowly deteriorating the integrity of your walls, and even concrete. While you are at it, look for brand new water conserving fixtures – like low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets. They are the most viable solutions for you when it comes to both waterproofing and preserving resources – with lower bills as the additional benefit.

The gardening matters

If you have a sizeable backyard, it is certainly prudent to allocate a certain portion of space to a garden in which you can grow your organic produce. In this case, you’ll have to think about reasonable water expenditure, as well as ecologically viable gardening methods. Adding a cistern for rainwater harvesting, which is dedicated to the garden, can truly help out, as you won’t have to spend precious tap water on watering crops. In addition, you can add another cistern which is encased with additional layer of protection through solid bunding and collect compost in it. Without getting into nitty-gritty of it, you can even connect this compost cistern with an outhouse. You get the picture.

Insulation is a life saver

Did you know that at least 50% of your home’s energy consumption (or loss) can be easily attributed to heating and cooling processes? Older homes are especially prone to such financially unsustainable states, so you seriously have to consider proper, solid insulation. Insulation foam is probably the most viable solution when it comes to time and money invested – just find the one that is called – Icynene. The spray foam is elegant, easy to apply and it is solid, however, you need to vacate the premises and hire professionals who will wear appropriate protection gear throughout the process. Of course, since lowering toxic environmental impact is intrinsically connected to energy preservation, you’ll be happy to know there are different kinds of this insolent, and some of the newer generation spray foams are definitely environmentally friendly – like the aforementioned Icynene.

Refurbish with energy stars

Products evolve fast in the competitive market, and the trendiest new attribute most big-name companies have latched onto is “energy efficient”. This bodes well for your energy preserving refurbishing tendencies as you can easily find affordable energy efficient appliances and update your entire household. It is actually rather simple – all you have to do is look for the energy start label on any random piece of equipment that piques your interest. Such products had to be vetted by environmental protection agencies, so you can safely purchase them without thinking it is some sort of superficial marketing ploy.

Renovating your home with cutting-edge green techniques and adding environmentally sensitive facilities to your lot sure sounds like a big investment. In truth, without sugarcoating it, depending on the way you approach these renovations, they can cost you quite a dime, but always bear in mind the fact that you are investing into your future and that many of these new additions to your home can save you a fortune on utility bills as the years roll by.

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