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What a Vegetarian World Would Look Like

Ever since the UN’s FAO released their report Livestock’s Long Shadow back in 2006, the relationship between animals and the planet has increasingly been on the minds of environmentalists. These days, climate change is frequently quoted as one of the main reasons to give up meat. There is even talk of the UK state, not known for their progressive policies on climate change, introducing a ‘Meat Tax’ to combat obesity and our growing carbon footprint.

Meat consumption as it currently stands

That said, in the developing parts of the world meat consumption is on the rise, China is certainly one of these countries. Even in India, where a vegetarian diet is an integral part of their culinary tradition, where there are more vegetarians than the rest of the world put together, people are starting to ditch their veggie ways. As the middle classes of the developing world start to widen, their appetite for meat begins to increase. And so, believe it or not, meat consumption and production is thriving on the global scale; livestock production is expected to double by 2050.

However, much of the Western world is bucking this global trend, and reasons such as climate change are encouraging them to eat less meat. According to the NHS around 1 in 50 Brits are now vegetarian.

A Vegetarian world

A Berlin-based startup, MEDIGO, took notice of this growing Western dietary craze and decided to make an infographic taking this phenomenon to its extreme. They created an imaginary world where everyone, for some mysterious reason, turned vegetarian overnight?

In their new (meat free) world, the days of bacon, steaks and fried chicken would be over. The days of the vegetable will have just begun.

Unsurprisingly, it seems this massive global overhaul of our diets would be a true shock to the system. Eating habits, national economies and the world’s wildlife will have to drastically change.

But it doesn’t look like its all bad news. According to MEDIGO, cutting meat from your diet can seriously improve your chances of not developing some major killers, notably heart disease and various types of cancers.

As for the environment, further data reveals the livestock industry emits more greenhouse gases than the world’s planes, trains and automobiles, put together! Beyond this, a portion of meat is surprisingly draining on our global water and land resources.

This infographic suggests that next time you choose a salad over a burger, you could be making a difference not just to your health, but the planet too.

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