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Top 5 UK Urban Areas Fighting Climate Change

Our climate is transforming due to natural processes and industrial impacts created by man. Heatwaves, droughts, cold snaps, and floods are four of the major environmental risks the United Kingdom is facing due to an increase in extreme weather patterns. The risks of these environmental changes can have grave effects on our habitat and make life difficult for humans, animals, and plants.

Pollution in urban areas create “heat-islands”, and the air within and around these islands  is of poor quality. CO2 emissions from the transport sector and personal transportation spark local climate degeneration. Among many changes, global climate degeneration leads to sea level rise, reduced river flow, water shortages, and groundwater pollution.

Therefore, the UK is taking measures to curb risks and to be prepared for the increase of natural hazards. The entire United Kingdom is bound to the Paris Climate Agreement and is dedicated to become energy independent by 2050. Energy independence means restraining the usage of carbon fuel and becoming dependent on renewable energy sources.

The five major urban areas London, Manchester, West Yorkshire, West Midlands, and Glasgow, are determined to carry out several measures that enable them to adapt to the changing environment. These include expanding flood defenses, improving spatial planning, and installing green space covers.

What’s more, each of the five major urban areas will decrease the emission of greenhouse gases by promoting 0% CO2 emissions transportation. Cities will reduce their overall energy consumption through smarter energy use, implement street lighting, and curb internal waste. Moreover, they express the need for waste prevention and the implementation of the method of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

This is why GreenMatch has made an infographic in which the natural threats for the five urban areas are discussed, together with what preventative measures can be taken.

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