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The Dirty Truth Of Fly Tipping

The Details – Fly Tipping

This careless and immoral behaviour is an ever increasing occurrence that is causing serious issues, both financially and environmentally. It refers to the general dumping of waste material, in all forms ranging from general household waste to toxic by-products on land that is contrary to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Frequently this distribution is made upon private land, which can be both residential and industrial. Once left upon this land, it the owners responsibility to dispose of it correctly. If the waste is dumped on public land then it is the local authorities’ responsibility to clear it up. It is estimated that this costs the local authorities over £37.4 million each year. Without any sufficient evidence as to the perpetrator’s identity, there is not a lot that the legal system can do to protect you or your business from this happening.

What Can Be Done to Capture these Criminals?

To identify the people who are breaking the law and engaging in illegal fly tipping, footage of them caught in the act is essential. A successful route to take to achieve this is to make contact with a reputable private investigator that will be able to discuss the service that they can offer which are appropriate to the case. On Many occasions their methods have been successful at covertly capturing the criminal’s identities.

Private Investigators offer a series of Surveillance services that aim to obtain clear footage of the activity taking place. The most frequently utilised method in this situation is the installation of a CCTV camera. This device offers a continuous insight into the behaviour that is happening around the given location, and can provide clear images that are admissible in court proceedings. This method allows for a particular area to be monitored, and can be adapted to suit the individual case. The footage itself is monitored by the investigator, and has proven to be hugely successful.

Fly tipping below the Communications masts above Cilfynydd

Another method they can offer if CCTV recording is not appropriate, Is a method known as static surveillance. This incorporates the presence of human monitoring, whereby a specialist operative will covertly monitor the suspected area with the help of a recording device.  This method allows for a wider area to be viewed and be as equally successful in capturing the perpetrators and can again offer sufficient evidence in a court situation.

There are many other services that a private investigator can include with the surveillance methods above that could assist in a fly tipping case, such as background checks into suspected individuals and GPS tracking. These services can be shaped to fit each individual case, as they will all be different in some way or another, and are all complementary in obtaining the results needed. No-one should have to undergo the stress of fly-tipping alone, and seeking help with an experienced expert may be the best way to move forward. Private investigators are highly trained experts who have access to highly evolved technology that can aid in these situations. With their help you could get the results you need.

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