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The Concept of Green Sleep for Better Health and Sustainability

Getting a good night’s rest night in and night out is one of the most important keys to health and longevity, and while most people realize this fact, fewer by far realize that they can get “green sleep.”  Green sleep isn’t new by any means, but it may be a new idea to some.

Sleeping on a natural mattress has many benefits and advantages that can’t be had by sleeping on classical mattress types that are strictly man-made and less eco-friendly.  Unlike most innerspring mattresses that are recommended to be discarded every 5 to 7 years for a new one, which adds a lot of waste material to landfills and just isn’t very sustainable, a botanical latex mattress for instance made of all-natural latex is biodegradable and lasts 4 to 5 times as long.  And as with many green solutions, the cost factor usually figures to be less expensive in the long run when you price out how many traditional mattresses you would have to buy and replace to equal the longevity of one mattress made of 100% natural latex.

Green sleep is much healthier as well.  The most natural position for the body to be sleeping in is to have the spine in alignment all night long.  This applies to whatever sleeping position a person is lying in, be it side, back, or stomach.  One of the unique abilities that natural latex foam has is to be able to form around the curvature of the sleeper’s body, which not only helps the spine to stay aligned, but also relieves stress from pressure points.  For those who have tender spots, old injuries, arthritis, or just want to prevent waking up with aches and pains, sleeping green on botanical latex is the perfect solution to alleviate the force from body weight concentrating in unwanted places.  Latex foam evenly distributes the body’s weight across the surface of the mattress, allowing for optimal circulation.

Latex foam with no synthetics or blended with any other material is hypo-allergenic, naturally resistant to dust mites, mould resistant, and antimicrobial.  It’s a must-have sleep surface for those with allergies, be they respiratory or skin-related.  And because of the open-celled structure of all-natural latex foam, the mattress won’t accumulate moisture, nor will it cause you to sleep hot as some other synthetic mattresses will do.  These green sleeping mattresses “breathe” well and don’t allow body heat to remain trapped against the body, but instead allow it to be pulled away from the body into the mattress.

So if you want a sleep surface that retains the characteristics and properties of a tree (the Para rubber tree, or Hevea brasiliensis), made from latex foam rubber tapped just like Maple syrup is and is as green as they come, you may want to consider the 100% natural latex mattress.

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