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The Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Christmas for Her

Making her Christmas special can be a tough job for anyone, but making it green can be all you need to ensure she is made up with her gifts! Eco friendly gifts can show a lot of thought, effort and attention, which all women love when it comes to opening their presents! If you want to make her Christmas special and eco-friendly, then check out these top gift ideas.

Eco-friendly clothes

It is very true that women love clothes, even more so when they are eco-friendly. There are various stores that offer environmentally friendly and fair trade clothing that the woman in your life will be more than happy to wear. You can find items such as recycled yarn socks, fair trade scarves and even whole outfits made with the environment in mind. Green clothes doesn’t mean that your mother, daughter, sister or partner has to dress up like an elf this Christmas, it just means that they are made using recycled materials, fair trade workers or other eco-friendly methods. There are whole stores and websites dedicated to ethical and environmentally friendly clothes, so take a look through and make sure you know her size!

Environmentally friendly jewellery

The next thing on any women’s gift list has got to be jewellery, this is a must-have for grown ups and little ladies alike. Many people understand that a lot of jewellery on the market is not exactly ethical, with the constant news about mines and poor working conditions. If you want to get your loved one jewellery, but don’t want it to cost the earth, then there are some eco-friendly and fair trade options too. Look for metals that are recycled, or even leather or rope instead of silver and gold. Rope and leather bracelets are extremely popular at the moment and mean that the lady in your life can adorn them with their favourite charms and accessories. Make sure that whatever you pick is something truly special, or even get it personalised to achieve that ‘wow’ factor when it is opened on Christmas day!

Green cosmetics and smellies

A lady can never have enough cosmetics or smellies in their bathroom, which is why they make the perfect Christmas gift. Those who would prefer to stick to high street shopping should take a peek into the wonderful world of Body Shop and Lush for a whole range of eco-friendly options when it comes to bath time and even make-up! If you would prefer to order online then there are websites dedicated to selling environmentally friendly cosmetics. All of the ingredients should be natural and not tested on animals for them to even warrant being ‘green’. If you are unsure what the woman in your life might like then take a sneaky look through her bathroom cupboards when she’s not looking. You’ll find out her favourite smelling shower gel and perhaps even the shade of her foundation. If you’re still stuck for ideas then try asking around members of the family or friends. Making sure you get the right type of cosmetics will make all the difference when it comes to your gift being used or re-wrapped and given to someone else!

Buying gifts for her doesn’t have to be hard, as long as a little thought goes into them. You can have an eco-friendly gift personalised for something a bit more special, or find out her favourite fragrance and find the ‘green’ option that she is bound to love!

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