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The 6 Most Eco Friendly Buildings in Europe & the United States

An eco-friendly revolution is slowly developing and positively impacting cities everywhere.

We cannot begin to question that going green and installing new technologies in order to support this is now absolutely essential. As cities and buildings make use out of renewable energy and other eco friendly sources, the overall area becomes much safer and fresher.

There are plenty of destinations in both Asia and America that are a step ahead with their green development, and they have become massive successes in saving fossil fuels and money.

As for cities in Europe, we are slowly catching up. However, as a society, we are being greatly encouraged to work together in improving our global carbon footprint.

So, some buildings around Europe have gone to the fantastic effort of being completely green in hope to make a positive impact on the environment. In this post, we will guide you through some of the best eco-friendly buildings that currently stand in Europe and the United States.

Z6 House

In Santa Monica, this architectural structure that gets its name from the aim of the construction itself. This name evolves from aiming towards a goal of having no levels in these areas:

  • Ignorance
  • Water
  • Carbon
  • Energy
  • Emissions

Architects of this building kept these goals in mind and decided to design a home that would be completely green and efficient to live in. The designers decided to use a number of PV panels to produce around 70% of the energy for the home to consume. Owners of this house only use energy efficient and solar powered appliances. They use energy-saving thermal heaters for their water and they have also installed special glazing that makes use of natural summer heat and stores it for the winter. Essentially, this saves the home a lot in energy costs and uses significantly less fossil fuels.

Solar Umbrella House

This Italian house in California has had many renovations since its initial construction in the 1920s. The motivation of these renovations was to increase the sustainability. Just like most other eco-friendly buildings, PV panels provide the majority of this building’s energy, making a huge difference to how environmentally friendly it is. The house is named after the ‘solar umbrella’ which is currently installed in the building. This adds to the strength of renewable energy that comes through to the home.

The construction of the exterior of the house was mostly made with recycled materials such as mild steel and fly ash.

The lighting systems used in this house has been installed in order to reduce the electricity used as well as adapt to the natural lighting conditions that are already inside.

Swarovski HQ

The world’s favourite crystals are manufactured to perfection in the Swarovski headquarters in Switzerland. The building is completely transparent and Swarovski are very strict on being a low-energy based company.

They are situated nearby a lake where they source the majority of their water from. The water is then recycled to use in their heating appliances.

The horseshoe shaped building is fascinating and gorgeous, just like the crystals they produce!

Colorado Court Affordable Housing Project

Another building in Santa Monica, California, has taken rise to the fact that the city is facing financial problems with costs of living. With all motivations to live green, this building was designed and built to help people afford housing by lowering the costs of bills using renewable energy.

There are 2 huge onsite energy generators and a system of PV panels and natural turbines. They have been very successful in reducing energy costs and therefore being very eco friendly.

This design was cleverly put together with the dismissal of air conditioning, knowing that that would cost more. They instead constructed the building considering the placement of windows, so that more breeze could be let inside.

There are motion detectors installed that are synced with the lighting and heating facilities. These detectors can sense movement and will therefore switch off any energy if no people are detected in the room.

Green plumbing makes this housing project fantastic as the low flow faucets and showers make for a much cheaper water bill.

Lake View Terrace Library

This public destination is also based in California, adding to the fantastic collection of eco friendly buildings that are based here.

This sustainable building reflects great green values but also makes a beautiful sight with its gorgeous construction.

Around 15% of the energy for the library comes from PV panels that provide energy and shade for visitors, and takes most of the energy from local wind power.

The building was excellently placed in an area that has a lot of direct contact with sunlight, reducing the need to use artificial lighting. Not only does the interior facilities use renewable energy, but the exterior is also a build up of recycled materials.

We should all expect a huge rise in eco-friendly buildings as we move forward into a potentially renewable energy future, where fossil fuels will eventually die out and no longer be needed.

In the mean time, home-owners should also aim to reduce their own carbon footprint by making their own green improvements. Most of the improvements will help the environment as well as help you to reduce your annual costs through utility bills.

What do you think of this post? Can you think of any other eco-friendly buildings? If so, please let us know in the comments section.

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