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Tap vs Bottled Water

Tap vs Bottled Water

Worldwide (and especially in the United States), bottled water is a booming industry, and its sales continue to grow. In the US alone, 97 billion bottles of bottled water are bought each year.

But, is bottled water really that much better than its tap water counterpart? Is it any safer, tastier, or healthier than tap water? And, what about the environmental impact of plastic bottles?

As a matter of fact, in the United States, Canada, and other developed countries, tap water is just as safe as bottled water. There are stricter regulations for the safety of tap water, and quality testing is done regularly. On the other hand, bottled water quality tests are essentially done voluntarily by bottled water companies, and there are very few safety and quality regulations in place.

In the infographic below by Get Green Now, we compare the differences between bottled water and tap water. You’ll also learn more about why bottled water really isn’t much better than tap water:

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