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Tackling rainforest deforestation through music and education

One of the biggest and most exciting music festivals to be held in Southeast Asia is happening this July, the action-motivated Rainforest World Music Festival, 2012.

Being held in the Malaysian Borneo region of Sarawak, the festival will run from July 13 to July 15 and cram in three days of entertainment, including music, arts, culture, workshops and excellent food and drink! Not only is the festival line-up incredible, the entry price is very affordable compared to other, similar festivals and the weather has traditionally been excellent for previous years.

A beautiful setting

The setting for the Rainforest World Music Festival is the Cultural Village at Sarawak, which is just outside of Kuching. The festival offers more than just global music; there are traditional dances and tribal spectables, along with workshops that teach you how to make instruments and education workshops to educate people about rainforest deforestation and its impacts and help them make positive steps towards taking action. The grounds of the festival are incredibly picturesque and visitors have commented in the past on the attraction of the location.

International line-up

The music line-up is international and includes rock, dance, indigenous music, traditional music and hip-hop too and anyone without a ticket to Borneo can catch up online via the Rainforest World Music Festival’s official website. So whether you’re in the area yourself, or tuning in at home, prepare to learn something new about the rainforest, see just how many other people feel passionately about effecting positive change and be prepared to dance.

It’s great to see positive examples of how people can be entertained and educated at the same time. It’s the chance to listen to fantastic music and learn about rainforest deforestation in a positive, vibrant and exciting environment that really celebrates all that is essential about the rainforest itself; life, community and sustainability.

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