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Smart-Home Trends That Are Saving the Environment

As our supply of fossil fuels begins to run out, homeowners all over the world are looking for energy solutions that are more sustainable. So far we’re doing a good job of coming up with new renewable energy sources, and everything from solar power through to wind power can be used to create enough electricity to power the average household. But for us homeowners to be more eco-friendly, we need to be able to streamline how much energy we use on a day-to-day basis.

This means cutting down your energy consumption in relation to the things that you probably think are unavoidable. You might think that this means going to an unreasonable amount of effort, such as turning your heating off in the height of winter, or sitting in the dark to save on electricity, but there’s an unlikely hero on the horizon.

Smart-home products are there to help you cut down on energy consumption and save you money in the process. You can make one-off investments in tech products that link up to your home, and these will do all the hard work when it comes to spotting unnecessary energy usage, which is why the smart-home is becoming an increasingly popular way to try to save the planet.


When it comes to energy consumption, the traditional convection heating system is a notoriously inefficient way of heating your home. These systems work by heating the air in a space, which then rises and falls, cooling in the process. This wastes energy because it takes longer for the room to feel warm, so you naturally leave the heating on for longer, which means your boiler is using more gas to generate that heat.

Smart-products are bringing an end to this level of wastage. Technology such as the smart-thermostat connects to both your heating system and your Wi-Fi, which allows you to monitor your energy usage through a handy wall-mounted interface or a smartphone app.

Using these tools, you can pinpoint where your heating is using energy unnecessarily and put a plan in place to combat this. Whether it’s using the technology to turn your heating on and off at more appropriate times, or it’s using it to select the a right room temperature effectively, smart-tech can reduce your energy consumption and save you some money in the process.

Alternatively, you can swap out the convection heating system for a more eco-friendly unit altogether. Switching from gas to electric heating seems like the more expensive option, but choose to install an infrared system and you’ll see a dramatic decrease in energy consumption, which in turn brings down your heating bills.

Infrared works by heating the objects in a room rather than the air in a room. This means that the room heats up faster, and by integrating these panels with a smartphone app, you can effectively moderate your energy usage.


Smart-lighting works in the same way as smart-heating. You can monitor your energy usage from a smartphone app, and control your lighting at the touch of a button. This means that you no longer have to worry about unnecessary energy waste from your lightbulbs.

90% of the energy required to power a traditional incandescent light-bulb is lost through heat, whereas smart-lighting uses LED bulbs which are designed to lose less heat than the typical light-bulb. For this reason, smart-lighting offers up to an 80% improvement on energy consumption, saving you money in the long run.


If you’re looking to make make your home smarter, but you aren’t too sure whether you want to make a large investment, you can start by using smart-plugs. These devices work in the same way as the other smart-products, in the sense that they link to an app and allow you to remotely monitor and control your energy consumption.

All you have to do is pop your smart-plug into the socket and plug any appliances into the smart-device. It will then begin to collect data on how you use your appliances and highlight any areas where you can reduce your energy consumption. Although smart-plugs don’t offer the same energy savings as the more expensive products, they act as a firm stepping stone into home-tech.

The Future of Energy-Saving

One-off investments in smart-tech products give you the opportunity to reduce your energy consumption over time, which not only helps the planet but has huge potential for reducing your heating bills in the process. With more day-to-day functions being automated through home-tech, there is potential for a huge decrease in energy consumption.

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