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Preparing For Climate Change

Did you know four out of five of the top global risks in the next 10 years are related to climate change? For decades, the world has been told that the climate is changing—that the build-up of fossil fuel-driven greenhouse gas emissions would irrevocably change the Earth’s systems – and now it’s happening. The atmosphere and oceans are warming, the amount of snow and ice are diminishing, sea levels are rising, and the concentrations of greenhouse gases are increasing. This means it more important than ever that communities and ecosystems become more resilient to the extreme impacts that could occur.

The University of Notre Dame’s ND-GAIN Index measures countries according to two variables – vulnerability to the effects of climate change and readiness to adapt by analysing factors like healthcare, food supply, and government stability in order to help countries counter the risk of a changing climate. But which country is most prepared? The infographic below reveals which countries are most prepared to withstand the effects of climate change and how some of the biggest movers have ranked in climate change adaptation since the year 2000.

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