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Pamela Anderson and Frank Field, MP, team up to save the rainforest

In a move that’s sparked plenty of interested media coverage, former star of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson and MP Frank Field have teamed up to save the rainforest. An unlikely pair upon first glance, the two are campaigning hard for the Cool Earth charity, which sponsors parts of the Amazon, to save it from illegal logging activities.

Like the Rainforest Foundation, the charity is committed to giving the indigenous tribes that have lived on their land for endless generations the rights to make a living – and income – from their rainforest home, whilst preserving it and continuing to protect it.

Pamela Anderson has long been an activist for PETA and a passionate vegetarian. She has lobbied many governments and travelled worldwide in her bid to raise awareness and lead positive action. An individual with a clear sense of humour, she admits herself that she may not necessarily add ‘gravitas’ to the latest preservation campaign and yet she feels too passionate about it not to give her full energy to the project and add her voice to those demanding change and government action.

It’s great to see yet another high profile endorsement of the work we’re committed to continuing. Some people do feel that celebrity hook-ups devalue the importance of rainforest protection campaigns, but in our experience, they can play a hugely important role in raising awareness, PR and engaging otherwise difficult to reach groups. They also instinctively appeal to young people, who are the future of our rainforest preservation activities and will one day make the decisions that will impact this green lung of our planet. The more people that will stand up and join the cause, leading action for change, speaking up and challenging the damage that’s currently being allowed to happen, the more likely we are to see the precious rainforest protected and given the respect that it deserves.

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