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More Sustainability In House Building With Roof Greening

For many luxury developments London is a prime spot. The potential customers of these super-rpime developments are able to pay for the extras that make these homes so great. When talking of luxury one of the latest developments London has to offer involves green roofs.

What are green roofs?

Green roofs are the end product of a total underlying roof system that has been built up. This provides uninterrupted and continuous layers of drainage and protection. The latest technological advances have made green roofs better adaptable to extreme weather conditions and are much more durable.

A green roof tends to be made up a water proof membrane, a root barrier an insulation layer, drainage layer, soil substrate or growing medium and plant material. The most important aspect that must be considered is the waterproofing and drainage. Structural loading is also an important issue that needs to be taken into account. There are basically two different types of roof greening covers – these are extensive and intensive (such as roof gardens).

Sustainability issues when building with roof greening

They are a great way of doing your part for the environment as the offer provision of a habitat for new wildlife, an improvement in biodiversity and conservation, a reduction in airborne particulates and the effect of urban heat island and the improvement to buildings’ thermal insulation.

Because of the positive sustainability in house building with roof greening, the high-end developers and architects London has to offer will try and include it whenever possible.

There are many builders who are building apartments with a green roof. It is much more than just a fashion statement and builders and architects are in agreement that sustainable yet smart buildings are a necessity. Why is this the case? Because of the effect building has on the environment. Buildings can account for nearly a half of the material in the world and also the energy consumption. A sixth of the water used and a quarter of harvested wood. The prices for sustainable materials and the products are dropping and so green building is also a cost effective way of construction and design. For this reason it has been argued that you can’t afford not to be building the green way. This is the case for many different types of buildings, not just the luxury developments London is producing. Houses, factories, schools, churches and many other structures are building the green way and green roofing is becoming ever more popular.

For example, many schools are getting on the green roof bandwagon as they can teach their children about nature and sustainable buildings. This can only pave the way for a future where people are clued up about their environment and how to protect it.

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