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Landscaping with Recycled Materials

Recently there has been a particular push for environmental friendly actions such as recycling and reducing emissions. This shows up not only in garbage and auto-mobiles but also in the way that people garden. Sustainable gardens, or gardens that require little or no outside resources such as processed fertilizers, are another great example of the push towards becoming green.

It is almost ironic that people want to make their gardens greener, but it is necessary as many gardens actually deplete natural resources in the effort it takes to sustain lush vibrant plants, and use excess amounts of water through sprinkler systems. Aside from cutting down or using self-produced natural resources for gardening, another way to go green is to use recycled materials for landscaping.

Recycle Water

One of the most easiest and valuable materials to recycle in your yard is water. Supply water to your plants by using rain barrels that collect water from rainfall and then running tubing from the rain barrels to your plants. If you work hard at it, you may find that the April showers provide your lawn with enough water to last you the summer.

If you don’t receive very much rainfall, you could at least be using an Orbit rain sensor for your sprinkler system so your irrigation shuts off automatically when it rains to help save water, the planet, and money.

Use Your Imagination

At first the idea of using recycled material for gardening may seem like junk collecting. However, there are many great ways to utilize older pieces of what might otherwise be considered junk to transform a bland yard into an eye catching scene.

The secret to using recycled materials in landscaping is creativity and the ability to see the true potential or recycled objects. For example, using the window frame of an old wooden house can provide a real prairie-type feeling to any garden that along with using an old wagon wheel or some other antique-type piece of recycled material.

Other ideas include using old terracotta pipes as vases to hold flowers, or even using an upside down lid to a trash can as bird bath, or a pool. Again, what it comes down to is seeing the potential of old recycled objects.

Of course, anything that is too over the top should be avoided; turning a yard into a junk yard is hardly attractive. It may be helpful as well to get a feeling of the particular theme that is emanating from the house and the landscape, and use objects to magnify and highlight.

Many of these recycled items can be found in rummage sales or even at Grandma and Grandpa’s, who will probably most likely be more than willing to help out if it means getting rid of some junk. There is no limit to the expression of creativity when arranging such landscapes.


Another popular form of utilizing recycled materials in one’s landscape or garden is composting. In short, composting is an organic solution to soil amendments. You would be surprised at what can be composted. The possibilities are practically endless.

There are so many different resources available when it comes to using recycled materials for landscaping and not only does this improve the landscape of a house, but helps out the environment as well. This is a great way to go green and reap benefits as well.

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