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How To Encourage Your Friends & Family To Recycle Properly

Are you an eco-warrior, but some of your friends and family don’t seem to be quite as passionate as you? The worst thing you can do is try and preach to them and force your opinions upon them. If you want to get your friends to start recycling properly, you need to find ways to encourage them, and to show them the potential benefits.

Despite the importance of recycling, it’s shocking how many people don’t bother doing it. People give all sorts of excuses for not recycling, but perhaps the most common one is that they don’t know how to do it properly. If a friend seems interested in recycling, but is a bit overwhelmed by the whole process, you just need to enlighten them as to just how easy it is.

If some of your friends do come around, don’t expect a miracle. They might only initially make small changes to their habits, but at least you will know you are gradually helping to save the planet by convincing one person at a time. Here are some tips to try and help get your friends and family on board with recycling.

Show them how you do it

When your friends come over, show them how you do your recycling and how you organise all your bins. If they see you doing it with ease, they may think it’s less effort than they initially assumed.

For those friends who are actually interested in learning how to recycle like a pro, invite them round for a guided tour of how you recycle. Give them as many helpful tips as possible so that they can become even more efficient at recycling.

Put together a simple how to guide

Another thing you can do if you are really passionate about getting your friends and family to recycle is to put together a step by step guide. If they have a straightforward guide to hand then there’s no excuse for not recycling. You can also write down some little reminders and useful bits of advice for them.

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Put them in touch with their local recycling authority

A lot of people don’t recycle because they don’t have the correct bins or aren’t sure what their local authority requires when it comes to recycling. If they don’t have any recycling bins, get them to order some. Also encourage them to look up their local recycling guidelines.

Make them aware of the benefits

Often people avoid recycling because they don’t know the benefits, so they don’t have a strong enough reason to bother (despite there being plenty). Explain how recycling can help our planet, save them money and make their home more eco-friendly.

Send them a few YouTube videos

Sometimes all it takes is a hard hitting video or story to encourage action. Find some videos on YouTube that demonstrate the devastation that the world’s rubbish causes. If you can’t verbally convince them to recycle then maybe a video can.

Show them that they can make a difference

People can’t always see themselves as part of the bigger picture. They know that if more people recycled properly it would help to improve our planet, but they just can’t see how they can make a big enough difference.

Provide them with some simple fact about household recycling. For example, 1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 3 hours and Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. These are hard facts that will help them to see that they can in fact make a difference.

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