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How Environmentally Sustainable Practices Benefit the Construction Industry

How Environmentally Sustainable Practices Benefit the Construction Industry

Becoming an eco-friendly company that focuses on sustainability could have a beneficial impact on your bottom-line in the coming years. In addition to reducing your overhead costs, transitioning to environmentally sustainable practices could also attract new clientele. Those are just a few of the reasons why so many constructions companies are now going green. 

Save Costs on Materials 

If you are only purchasing new materials, then you could be missing out on some excellent construction options. Despite the stigma against used materials, recycled and repurposed materials are typically just as strong, and sometimes stronger, than their newer forms. An example of that would be using recycled lumber instead of new lumber for your framing. Recycled lumber is much more affordable, and some studies have shown that it is actually stronger as well. If you’re often working with newly mixed concrete, you might also want to consider using recycled concrete aggregate with fly ash. Branching out to repurposed materials shows your company’s dedication to ethical building practices as well as helping your own construction costs.

Form Cooperative and Valuable Industry Allies 

Many of the other construction companies in your vicinity are probably trying to go green as well, and they could have some supplies that you are in need of. Instead of sending those materials to the landfill, you should try to work out a loose partnership with other local businesses. Those types of relationships could be invaluable to the future of your company, and everyone is going to benefit from exchanging used materials. Too often are businesses forced to compete against one another, knocking down the competition to climb back up themselves. By collaborating with others in the industry, being economically sustainable can become even more affordable and also show your clients that you are willing to cooperate with others in order to protect the environment.

Qualify for Tax Credits 

Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize just how much money they can save with green tax credits and deductions. A tax credit is essentially a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your business tax, and you could qualify for those credits if you carry out energy-efficient projects. Your company might also qualify for tax deductions if you invest in high-efficiency machinery and equipment. Those deductions aren’t taken into account until after your company’s gross income has been calculated, ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

Sell or Recycle Your Unused Scraps 

Selling your unused materials to a local company could help you recoup some of your losses at the end of a project. Many companies that offer scrap metal services will even pick up the materials from your site with their own vehicles, and that is going to reduce your labor costs. Concrete, wood, cardboard, metal, drywall, and asphalt are just a few of the recyclable materials that your company might be able to get rid of without resorting to increasing landfill waste. Not only that, but many recycling services actually pay you for the scrap you give them, whereas you otherwise would be paying money to dispose of otherwise valuable material.

If you want your company to be as eco-friendly as possible, then you should think about scheduling a green audit. During a green audit, an experienced inspector will take a look at all of your company’s practices and help you come up with a long-term plan for improvement. These are just four of the potential avenues to discuss with them that could help your company PR and your bottom line while you’re protecting the environment. It’s an all-around win for your company to incorporate economically sustainable practices, especially within the construction industry.

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