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Home Energy Saving Tips You Might Not Know

If you think that saving energy requires buying new appliances or making major home renovations, you may be surprised to know that you can actually save on your monthly energy costs by making just a few simple, affordable changes. In fact, some changes that you can make cost just a few dollars or are totally free. Learning new methods of energy conservation does more than help you save; it can also have a positive impact on the environment.

Heating and Cooling Efficiently

An energy efficient home takes a little thinking to create if you don’t have the inclination or budget to install new appliances or renovate your home. You can consider options such as opening curtains for natural heat in the winter, and closing curtains in the summer to help keep your home cool. Thicker curtains work best in the summer, while lighter, airy curtains can be used in the winter to allow natural sunlight to filter into the home. If you are ready to upgrade your heating system, opting for a wood heater that is Energy Star compliant is a great way to save money while also being very eco-friendly.

Using fans to circulate air can also be a simple way to maintain a comfortable home in both the hottest and coldest months of the year. Fans use less energy than the furnace or air conditioning unit, and also allow you to keep the temperature on your thermostat at an energy saving setting without sacrificing your personal comfort. If it’s warm outside, but not hot enough to use the air conditioning, you can also try using a wet cloth over a fan. The air will cool as it blows through the wet cloth, cooling the room for much less energy than when using a traditional air conditioner.

Appliance Alternatives

Sometimes saving energy requires thinking about new ways to complete tasks. If you also want to be as eco-friendly as possible, you will want to avoid things like chemical wrinkle removers. For simple clothing care, rather than ironing or using a spray wrinkle remover, you can simply spritz your clothes with water in an empty spray bottle. Shake the clothing briskly, and hang it to dry. For scent, you can add a drop or two of natural essential oils for a long lasting smell.

Another simple thing you can do to reduce the energy your appliances use is to allow food to cool completely before sticking it in your refrigerator to ensure the appliance doesn’t need to work harder to maintain the right temperature. Taking a few moments each day to consider new ways to complete tasks that require electricity and creatively thinking about how you use the resources available to you can really add up in energy savings throughout the year.

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