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Ground Source Heat Pumps in Homes

With all the hype about alternative energy and the use of clean fuels, it is no surprise that Ground Source Heat Pumps have caused a sensation throughout home in the UK. The concept is pretty simple. Pipes are dug into the gardens to extract heat which is then used to warm air and under floor heaters, radiators and water heaters inside your homes

How it all Works

The heat pump buried underground releases a mixture of anti-freeze and water. Heat absorbs into the anti-freeze and passes into a heat exchanging unit directly into the water pump. As the temperature under the ground remains practically stable throughout the year this system can be used year-long with great benefits.

The length of pipe is determined by how big your house is and how much heat is needed. Should the pipe be longer then this would have to be buried deeper into the ground and would require more space. If this option is not available it is possible to bore a vertical hole.

If the technique is used correctly this could mean that you could do away with electric heating inside your homes forever. This would help to considerably lower your electricity bills. Just as in the case of solar panels, incentives are in place to offer payments for each kilowatt of energy generated from the pumps.

Obviously, the whole scope of installing such a device is to do your part in decreasing carbon emissions, which damage our atmosphere, as you shall be replacing these emissions with cleaner options.

They do not require any type of fuel consumption so this eliminates the need for deliveries and also needs little, if any, maintenance throughout its installation.

During the cold winter months it may be necessary to keep the pumps fully operational to be able to heat your homes efficiently. As the heat is delivered at lower temperatures you will notice that the heating apparatus inside your homes is not that hot as is the case when using conventional electricity.

To operate the pumps, some electricity has to be used but the impact on the environment is minimal as the heat emanating from the ground, air or water is being renewed in a natural way.

One thing you may want to consider before thinking about installing Ground Source Heat Pumps is to ensure that your homes are well insulated and protected against draughts for maximum benefits.

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