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Great Tips For Saving Time In Your Organic Garden

Planting and maintaining your own organic garden can be a stimulating and rewarding experience. It can also consume a great deal of your time in order to run your garden properly. This article contains many helpful tips and hints that will help you reduce the time you spend maintaining your organic garden.

One tip that will eliminate time spent preparing the soil of your organic garden is to create quick beds for your perennial areas. Slice beneath your turf and flip it over so that it is upside down. You then cover the area with several inches of wood chips. After waiting a few weeks, you will then be able to cut into the bed and plant your perennial selections.

Another great hint to minimising the amount of time you spend maintaining your organic garden is to make sure that you store the tools you use close to the actual garden. You should consider a caddy that will allow you to transport all your tools to the garden at once in order to eliminate trips back and forth to your shed. This useful approach will save you time and effort.

You can save yourself a lot of time by planning out your garden before it is time to plant. You can use the off-season months to sketch out the layout of your garden and select the seeds and plants that need to go in certain places. You will hen have a plan of attack that will greatly reduce the amount of time you will spend in your garden during actual planting time.

Instead of pulling weeds, which is a time-consuming chore, you should consider cutting your weeds. You can use a spade to cut beneath the soil and then you can flip the weeds over and bury them. As the weeds rot, you have the added benefit that the nutrients from the rotting material will nourish the soil in your garden.

Mulch is another great time saver for the at home organic gardener. You can use a rake to spread mulch efficiently using a light push and pull method. Mulching helps provide much need nutrients to your soil and can help keep down the weeds so you will spend less time dealing with the issue of weeds.

The tips and hints addressed in the article above should be able to help you reduce the amount of time you spend in maintaining your organic garden.

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