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Going Green With Home Automation

We can’t turn on the television, browse the internet or read a newspaper without seeing a reference to ‘Go Green,’ but sometimes it’s difficult to understand what we are being asked to do. Going green can refer to many different things, but it generally refers to the little things we each choose to do to become more environmentally friendly.

Why Go Green?

With everything else we are being asked to do, many wonder why we should make the extra effort to go green. People choose to go green for different reasons. For some, their decision is based on strong personal values while others are motivated because of the money they can save. Even though the most obvious reason for going green is to conserve resources for future generations, starting to implement green habits provides benefits we can immediately enjoy, like lowering this month’s energy bill.

Going Green at Home

Going green in our home is a great place to start, and it has the added benefit of lowering our energy costs. Everyone has had months when they dread opening their utility bill. How great would it be to know you are helping the environment while also paying considerably less in energy costs?

Using Home Automation to Go Green

Since a large part of going green focuses on energy conservation, home automation systems can help with the efforts of going green within our homes. There are many resources available to help organize your efforts of saving money and making you home a little greener.
A home automation system can improve all areas of your home energy usage:

  • Air Conditioning and Heating System: With a smart thermostat, you can save money and energy by programming your thermostat to go easy on your home’s heating and air system when you’re not home and remotely change the temperature from any smart phone or other web-enabled device. Adjusting your thermostat just one degree you can save 5% on your energy bill.
  • Lighting: Replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs is an easy way to go green. These bulbs use 75% less energy and last ten times longer than a standard bulb. A home automation system can be used to implement timers and regulate light usage within your home, and you can also turn off lights remotely.
  • Appliances: There are many green decisions we can make concerning the appliances around our home. Choosing to wash clothes and dishes with cold water significantly reduces the amount of energy used as does making sure your refrigerator has ample room behind it so that air can circulate properly. Flood and freeze sensors can be utilized with a home automation system. These sensors can notify you on your smartphone when the temperature of your appliances drop or moisture levels rise to high levels around you home.
  • Electronics: A home automation system can allow you to program your electronics to turn off when not in use. Also, being able to remotely control your home electronics and appliances such as televisions, desktop computers and curling irons allows you to ensure you are not wasting energy.

Do the Right Thing by Going Green

Home Automation and Wiring

Whether you choose to go green for environmental beliefs, economic reasons or just to be able to look your tree hugger neighbor in the eye, going green benefits everyone. People are choosing to make changes which may appear to be insignificant, but as a whole, they have a large impact on the environment.

The more we learn about the importance of making green decisions, the easier it becomes to make the small lifestyle changes that help sustain our environment. Whether is choosing to recycle our soda cans, choosing to walk to the store or to plant a garden, we can come together to help save the earth.

Starting with a home automation system can significantly assist in making green decisions easier. By utilizing light timers and sensors and a smart thermostat and regulating small appliances remotely, energy usage will decrease. Not only does a home automation system lower monthly energy bills, it is also a small step toward the worldwide ‘go green’ initiative.

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