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Go on Holiday Without Expanding Your Carbon Footprint

I have always been fascinated by nature. I have always found it enchanting and mystical. I grew up in a rural part of England so my appreciation of nature was embedded in me from early on. My reverence for nature came with anxiety when I learned about environmental crisis. Seeing lush fields that were habitats to lots of wildlife, being transformed into houses and office buildings was a saddening experience. Becoming aware of how our daily living puts nature into a state of jeopardy makes you want to adapt your living so that you live more in harmony with it. I don’t want my life to potentially endanger the species of other animals. There are so many ways in which our carbon footprint expands just by doing seemingly innocuous things like, throwing polythene trash out, disposing of cans, using electricity, using fuel, travelling, going on holiday…

Maintenance of Environmental Conscience on Holiday

If you are eco-conscious and you have a reverence for nature then you have probably already considered making your next holiday a green choice.

Nature comes in abundance in the Algarve – everywhere you look you are surrounded by a panoramic view of hills and mountains. In between these vast mounds of beauty there are lots of quaintly rural towns and villages.

What Do Natives of The Algarve Do To Be Eco-Conscious?

  • Education: Quinta do Lago have been committed to educating visitors about the importance of preserving our natural resources by hosting events and activities that promote these sensibilities. Such activities include nature trails which are a fun and magical way to spend time. The beauty of this environment will encourage children to revere it. The trail has areas for bird watching with accompanying identification charts. The educational agenda is to enhance awareness.
  • Construction restrictions: Biodiversity is important to the natives of the Algarve; and on the coastlines you can see evidence of this with 100 species of birds, crustaceans and molluscs. In the privileged location of Quinta do Logo, there is a strict law which restricts building to 8% to protect and uphold the UNESCO Ria Formosa Nature Reserve which protects the lagoon system, migratory species, flora and fauna. Every winter, approximately 30,000 migrate to here. Sadly, this is one of the last surviving habitats on the European coastline for them to do this.  Quinta do Lago sets the perfect example of man living in harmony with nature side by side (as opposed to trying to stampede over it) Quinta do logo has one of Europe’s largest pine forest and so the agenda is to set the delicate balance between green space and construction to preserve it.

So, apart from supporting an environmentally-friendly holiday destination’s tourism industry by travelling there, what else can we do to make our vacation an eco-friendly one?

  • Travel lightly. Heavy luggage from passengers increases fuel-emissions.
  • Travel the eco-friendly way: When you get to your destination and start exploring the area, go for walks, hire a bicycle or use public transport. This not only uses no fuel (or very little per person), but you get to see more of the area.
  • Book accommodation that fosters the agenda of reducing our impact on the environment.
  • Be aware that seemingly harmless actions contribute to your impact on the environment. For example, leaving your television on standby mode.

So to summarise, we should all be aware of the impact our daily lives and recreational times has on the environment. If we all do a little bit to go green, it makes an attempt to address this.

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