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Go Green or Go (No) Home

The environment is a precious jewel that we as humans have a great responsibility in protecting. As it stands, we are not doing a very good job at it. We do however still have the opportunity to right some of the wrongs of the past. Maybe we cannot fix what we have already damaged, but we are most certainly in a position to salvage what is left. The most obvious place to start is with yourself and the environment that you occupy. Starting in your own home may sound insignificant, but it is those small steps that can make the biggest difference. There is no more time to point fingers and wait for the rest to join in, we have to set the pace and break the ground. In this article we will look at some steps each individual can implement in their own home in order to give the environment a little break, so to speak. These tips will not only protect the environment but it will also raise the value of your home.

  • The easiest way to support the green initiative is by swopping those old light bulbs with new energy saving light bulbs. These use less energy than standard light bulbs and they last much longer. If you shop carefully you may even find them to be cheaper than normal light bulbs. To add to this, you could install timers on your lights, whether in- or outside. This ensures that lights are always switched off when not necessary, saving energy and money.
  • Water is another product of Mother Nature that always seems to be a problem. It is true that one cannot live without water but it is also not necessary to use water as extravagantly as some do. Drinking water for everyone is much more important than taking a shower for an hour. To save water in your home, one could install low flush toilets with aerators installed to faucets. Aerators mix water with air while still providing sufficient pressure in the taps or toilets. Setting time caps on shower time etc. is also a great way to save water.
  • While on the topic of water and energy, the hot water heater comes to mind. This piece of equipment is a huge source of power consumption. Wrapping your hot water heater and its pipes in an insulating blanket will allow you to keep the heater switched off for longer periods while still keeping the water heated. Installing a solar powered water heater is the next level of energy efficiency and a lot of homes come with this as a standard fixture.
  • If you want to go the extra mile you can do so by being more particular on small things like the paint or the materials you use to paint or build your house with. Using renewable or recycled materials that are environmentally friendly have also become a positive trend amongst home owners.

Now that it is clear just how simple it really is to make a positive contribution to the environment without breaking the bank, people should take action. Going green is not meant to be a publicity stunt pulled by celebrities who have too much money; it is affordable and achievable for anybody who has water to drink.

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