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Food Waste Around the World: What’s Being Done

Food waste is a big issue around the world. In fact, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted each year — equating to a value of $750 billion dollars.

The Food Sustainability Index recently discovered the extent of this global food waste, finding that many countries around the world are wasting food each year due to spoilage, stockpiling, and a lack of being resourceful.

Magnet, the UK’s leading kitchen specialists, have discovered the innovators and organisations around the world that are tackling the food waste issue head on by helping to make our consumption of food smarter and more sustainable.

Some of these efforts include the French government’s decision to prohibit supermarkets from throwing away unused food, a rescued food supermarket in Sydney with a ‘take what you need, give what you can’ policy, and the development of a ‘smart’ food card in Greece that helps consumers track their shopping habits and keep an eye on what they have in their fridge.

Check out the infographic below and see what’s being done around the world to tackle food waste.

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