30.03.2017 0

What Food Expiry Dates Really Mean? Food Waste Epidemic

How often do you look in the refrigerator and throw something away because the best-before date has passed? Many people rely completely on food expiration dates to make a decision as to whether food is safe to eat or not.  However, as this infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre outlines, we take these expiration dates at face value too often.

Rather than simply blindly following expiry dates we should check is the food fresh by either smelling it or sampling it. Remember that expiry dates are there to indicate a product’s freshness and is in no way an indication of a products safety.

Try to educate yourself and others about what food labels really mean as it’s such a shame that so much food is wasted unnecessarily. Find out more information about the real meaning of food expiration dates in the infographic now.

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