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Energy Efficient Home Lighting

People are more conscious now than ever of the importance of reducing their energy consumption. They have altered their habits to conserve precious resources, exchanged old, inefficient appliances for those recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and have started using energy efficient lighting solutions. Energy efficient lighting alone can help homeowners save significantly on energy bills while protecting the environment for future generations.

In addition to using much less energy, energy efficient light bulbs are safer, cost less in the long-term and light rooms just as effectively as the old incandescent bulbs most people are familiar with. The Megaman E27 ES9, for example, is rated at 9W compared to the 45W rating most household bulbs receive. The result is that the bulb produces approximately the same light output as an incandescent bulb, but at only 80% of the energy cost. In addition, these bulbs are rated at 15,000 hours – meaning that homeowners will get much more use out of them than their old incandescent bulbs.

It is true that the interior of some energy efficient light bulbs like the Megaman contain harmful chemicals. However, the Megaman is coated in a silicon sleeve that helps reduce the risk of shattering. In the event that the bulb is dropped, class fragments and chemicals should be contained neatly even if the bulb is cracked and unusable. Traditional bulbs will leave glass and components scattered about.

Remote control systems and dimmer switches, like those made by Bye Bye Standby, can help homeowners reduce their energy consumption further. With these systems, homeowners can use a key fob remote to switch the lights off as they leave to reduce energy and on again when they return home. Some systems also use motion sensors to detect when people enter and leave a room to switch lights off and on automatically. These systems are great for lighting in restrooms, garages and other areas of the house where people spend short periods of time and may frequently forget to shut lights off when they leave.

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