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Eco-Friendly Homes That Embody the Earth Day Spirit

As the effects of climate change are felt across the world, being green and eco-friendly is an uprising trend and both individuals and governments are taking this task more and more seriously. April 22nd is the annual celebration of Earth Day, and on this date raising awareness about preserving the environment is the main mission  for people worldwide. With this in mind, there are various ways for you and your home to become eco-friendlier and to reduce your environmental footprint.

Renewable power sources

Photovoltaic, or PV for short, solar panels are producing electricity by absorbing sunlight and are the most common renewable power source systems. They are vastly used in both residential and commercial applications, therefore very developed and convenient to install and use. Once installed, running costs are barely a factor and the initial investment pays off after just a few years. When going green, using  wind as renewable power source is a great idea to consider as well. Massive array of wind turbines, also known as wind farms, are very popular and more and more countries are starting to use and benefit from these systems. However, wind turbines are applicable in small scales, too, and are convenient to set up in almost every household.

Like solar panels and wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling systems also use the forces of nature to provide us with energy, and are therefore very environmentally responsible as well. Because geothermal systems do not burn fuel to provide heat, greenhouse gasses and carbon monoxide are not emitted into the atmosphere. They also use less electricity, which effects in lower demand from your local power plant.


Investing in insulation is definitely a thing to consider, as reducing energy for heating during cold winters and hot summers is not only eco-friendly but can have a big impact on your monthly bills as well. It keeps the warm air in during cold weather and hot air out when it’s warm, which will have a great effect on your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. A lot of renowned project home builders are offering eco-friendly materials as insulation solution, which makes it even “greener” if it’s made of cotton or sheep wool. To provide even better thermal insulation you can install double or even triple glazed glass with a vacuum in between on your widows, which is proven to be very successful when it comes to preventing heat, i.e. energy loss.

LED lighting system

Using LED (light-emitting diode) system as light source, which is up to 80% more efficient then the traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights, will have a great eco-friendly effect on your household. Less energy use reduces demand from power plants and therefore decreases carbon and gas emissions. Additionally, LED lights don’t use toxic elements, such as mercury, which avoids contamination of the environment when disposed.

Green roofs

Eco-friendly roofs are uprising, trendy and unique solutions when it comes to environment reasonability and going green. Planting gardens on rooftops helps insulate buildings during winter and absorb rainwater, which reduces the water pollution in urban areas.



When it comes to environmentally responsible homes, some people, however, aren’t happy to stop at solar panels, wind turbines, insulation or LED lighting. Instead, they went even further and built houses which are mainly or even entirely made from natural and eco-friendly materials. Wood and stone are obvious choices, but recycled glass and tires provide great insulation and are convenient to use as eco-materials as well. Houses are surrounded with vegetable gardens and food farms, and combined with renewable energy systems, they can provide total off-grid lifestyle, which reduces the environment footprint enormously.

These are some of the solutions that can make your household eco-friendlier and more responsible towards the environment, in case you decide to go green and embrace the Earth Day spirit. Most of these solutions are beneficial for your wallet as well. Yes, the initial investment can be quite pricey, but it pays off over some period of time and as going green is uprising trend, the value of your property will increase with no doubts as well.

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