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Eco-Friendly Gifts For Green Living Lovers

Deciding what to buy friends and family for Christmas seems to be an increasingly difficult task, especially if you are trying to find something unique that they will actually like! But what if you need to find something for someone who is green living and environmentally friendly? You may think this adds an extra challenge, but in fact there are lots of planet friendly ideas that you can choose from. Here are ten to get you started.

Adopt a pet

For green conscious, animal lovers consider adopting them a pet this Christmas. Ask at your nearest zoo or conservation centre about opportunities. With this gift, you normally get an adoption certificate, a photograph and a visit to see the pet you’ve adopted.

Plant some hedgerow

For anyone who likes to do their bit for the countryside, the perfect gift this Christmas would be to buy a stretch of hedgerow from a wildlife or conservation group. As hedgerows are in decline, the gift would see hedgerow planted to help increase natural habitats and wildlife.

Charitable donation

For someone who really has everything and doesn’t need anything more, then a really ethical gift would be to make a charitable donation in lieu, to a good cause. Alternatively, the gift or donation could be given to someone in a poor country to help raise their basic standard of living.

Organic holiday

There are lots of types of accommodation and holidays that now boast being eco friendly and organic, so browse through the selection and pick a night in a green bed and breakfast, a stay on an organic farm or an eco-friendly campsite.

A bike

For someone who wants to do their bit for the environment, then buying them a bike for Christmas is a really great start. Cycling is good for both your health and the planet, compared to other forms of transport.

Eco-friendly book

There is a plethora of books available now that teach you how to go green, give tips on being eco friendly, how you can save energy and protect the planet, etc. Have a look at the selection at your local bookstore and pick out a book as a gift this Christmas. Just make sure the book is made from recycled materials!


There are tons of eco-friendly gadgets available that would make the ideal Christmas gift for an environmentally conscious friend, including solar powered chargers, wind up torches and radios, and energy monitors.

Fair Trade gifts

By buying Fair Trade gifts, you are contributing to making sure the growers or makers of the gift are not being exploited and have acceptable working conditions, as well as getting paid a fair and reasonable wage. Seek out unusual Fair Trade gifts, including jewellery, knitted or hand crafted items, confectionary, books and other accessories, etc.

Seed growing kit

Growing your own plants, flowers and vegetables is highly rewarding, and reduces reliance on buying shop bought items, which are often imported. A seed growing kit with a selection of seeds, a trowel and a fork would make the ideal Christmas gift for anyone conscious of the environment.

Eco sleeve

With most of us now owning a tablet or smartphone, you’ll likely need a sleeve or cover to protect it. Consider buying a green living friend a sleeve made from soft sustainable cork this Christmas. Not only does it look very stylish, but it will protect the tablet or smartphone from scratches or dirt, and it’s made from eco-friendly materials.

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