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Eco Bags For The Environmentally Concious

If you are one of those people who believe in saving the planet, eco bags are the best bags you can use to help further the cause. These days, many more people are becoming environment conscious and have taken to using eco-friendly bags, materials and furniture in order to contribute to saving the environment.

Using eco bags is one way to start helping out. While plastic might be cheap and universally acknowledged as the preferred grocery bags, plastic is harmful and is non-biodegradable. Using plastic bags does not only promote pollution, it contributes to the degradation of natural resources.

Why Eco Bags?

There are several reasons on why you should use eco bags and not just because it is environment friendly and biodegradable. Other reasons include:

  • Reusable- Unlike plastic which is wear and tear, eco bags are made from materials like cotton and hemp. You can use these bags anywhere, to school, to work and even to buy groceries.
  • Recyclable- While not eco friendly bags are biodegradable, most are recyclable and can be recycled as many times as possible.
  • Strong and Water resistant – There are many kinds of environment friendly bags available in the market and most are water resistant and can hold as much as 44lbs.
  • Unique Designs – Since the market for these kinds of bags have risen through the years, there are now a wide selection of stylish bags available everywhere.

If you are wary of getting one of these bags because you think it is dull and unattractive, then think again. Because of the worldwide campaign to be more environmentally conscious, a lot of companies have taken to designing different types of organic bags. In fact, if you look through bag retail shops and stores, you’ll find that most have an entire area dedicated to these kinds of bags.

There are many different kinds of eco bags nowadays and consumers do not have to settle for the usual drab grocery type eco tote. Nowadays, you can choose from many different kinds of 100% eco handbags like:

  • Lunch Bags- Or a line of eco-friendly bags dedicated to keeping food and snacks. You don’t need to buy lunch boxes made from non-recyclable materials, just buy eco friendly lunch bags.
  • Produce Bags- Usually, most people who go to the market use plastic bags to keep the things they buy, but there are now produce bags made from hemp and can be bought for as low as $3.
  • Baskets – For those who do not know, weave baskets are also made from biodegradable materials like straw and banana leaves. Baskets are the perfect bag for an outing or an afternoon out.
  • Grocery Bags- Eco friendly grocery bags are often made from materials that are either organic or natural. Considering that most grocery stores now allow people to bring their own bags, an organic grocery bag is the best bag to carry all your groceries.
  • Travel Bags – If you are a person who believes in fashion, do not worry, there are several eco bags out there that will fit your style perfectly. Nowadays, there are companies which make travel bags, spa bags, and beach bags out of organic and biodegradable materials.

Whatever you style is, it does not hurt to invest in plenty of eco bags, not only are you helping Mother Nature, you’re also saving a lot of money.

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