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Brazilian government lobbied to prevent rainforest deforestation

Human rights charities and organisations have accused logging companies of attempting to wipe out the small Awa tribe of just 355 people. Gunmen have been accused by Survive International – with the support of actor, Colin Firth – of attempting to carry out a genocide as part of their continuing rainforest deforestation.

The National Indian Foundation of Brazil ventured into the rainforest earlier this year to highlight the Awa tribe’s plight, but all they could do was video the lorries in progress – huge beasts of vehicles carrying entire fallen trees in their dozens. The team put together a video to show how the tribe are hovering on the verge of extinction, with just 355 members surviving, over 100 of whom have never experienced contact with the world beyond their rainforest home.

The illegal logging industry continues unabated, despite the attempts of authorities and governments to tackle the trade. But it’s not simply tree destruction – huge numbers of people are coming onto tribal land to build illegal farms and settlements and run damaging cattle ranches. These organisations also hire gunmen to hunt down tribes people that threaten the land looting. Tribes people have described instances where entire families have been wiped out in front of their eyes.

Human rights activists and campaigners are demanding that the Brazilian government take definitive action to prevent this illegal activity and save the dwindling tribe. Survival International are to launch a new video campaign starring Colin Firth, the Oscar winning and internationally renowned actor who also plays a strong activist role in the protection of the rainforests. The hope is that the video and campaign go viral and lead to enough support and vocal demands to the Brazilian government to force their hand and make a last attempt to prevent yet more rainforest deforestation, thus protecting this dwindling tribe who have always called the rainforest their home.

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