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Amazon Trees Get Their Own Telephones?

In a bid to stop rainforest deforestation, trees in Brazil’s mighty Amazon are being kitted out with special mobile phones so that they can ‘ring for assistance’ if they’re cut down! This incredible move has been launched in a bid to help the local authorities to deal with illegal logging as soon as it starts to occur.

A hidden phone in the trees

The system is called the Invisible Tracck and it’s purposefully small and discreet; just the size of a cigarette packet and fuelled by a basic battery cell. This allows it to be stored in the tree’s branches and it activates itself automatically if it registers a falling motion from felling. At this point, the system waits to pick up a mobile signal – which it is capable of picking up from as far as twenty miles away – and when the connection is made, it registers an automatic call for aid, triggering a swoop from the rainforest authorities.

Innovative technology

The radio module box uses BGS2 technology and was developed locally in Brazil by an organisation called Cargo Tracck, which have a primary market in vehicle and truck tracking. Now, the firm’s staff are turning their talents towards efforts to prevent rainforest deforestation instead.

The innovative Invisible Tracck should be able to run itself for up to a year before it needs a battery change. Although the forest itself is generally short of reliable phone network coverage, there are plenty of towns arising around the saw mills and these generally bring good connectivity with them. The authorities hope that even the threat of these devices will help to prevent rainforest deforestation and give illegal loggers pause to think about what they are doing, the damage they are causing and the repercussions if they do find themselves at the centre of a logging raid.

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