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3 Interesting Facts about Space-Based Solar Power

Alternate energy has been a long time coming. For decades, we have relied on the same energy sources for our electricity: steam, coal, and even nuclear energy have all shown us numerous problems with the way we use electric power. Now, a different source of power has been shown to circumvent many of the problems with past power sources.

Space-based solar power is a newly emergent idea among renewable energy think tanks and energy conglomerations alike. The basic concept involves orbital solar energy platforms that gather solar energy outside the atmosphere, store it, and transfer it to earth.

1) It Could Make Traditional Energy Irrelevant

Solar panels are already used in orbit to help keep shuttles, space stations and other such vehicles energized. However, getting this energy to Earth could make the usual yearly race for oil and coal a thing of the past. There would be far less need for fossil fuels when solar batteries can be filled with enough juice to power countries or companies for months.

2) It Could Be Wireless

This innovative science involves charging batteries and other devices from a distance by beaming electrons into it. While complex and currently only used in certain phone chargers, this technology could easily be restructured for orbital use once it’s complete. This means the seemingly fantastic idea of “beaming” solar energy to Earth from space could become a possibility! This development could make space-based solar energy the most exciting new science in energy production.

3) It Could Happen Soon!

There are already hundreds upon hundreds of satellites in orbit around the Earth. Once the technology of space-based solar power is perfected, it could be mass-manufactured easily to create multiple solar arrays gathering massive energy in batteries or beaming it down to Earth. The entire process would be more efficient than mining for coal and ecologically safer than petroleum. The advent of solar-based space energy could completely change the face of the planet’s energy industry, cutting down on dangerous practices like fracking (fracturing oil-mining procedures) and giving a new face to environmentally friendly energy.

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