The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries


Annually the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) publishes a league table of results which charts countries efforts in terms of reducing their emissions. It was founded in 1980 and since then it aims to highlight the importance of such activities to the wider world.

Climate change in itself is a controversial topic. We saw at the COP 21 in Paris in 2015 that nations came together to sign the agreement to work on specific areas to reduce emissions which were seen to be contributing to climate change. Of course since then, the agreement has been dealt a severe blow with the withdrawal of the USA under President Trump. Whether that will eventually be turned around is anyone’s guess but in the meantime, efforts to be more environmentally aware can stretch to individual home owners because even small changes can make a difference to wider and more long term behaviours.

With the ACEEE’s chart of countries, it is interesting to see what countries “performed” best and what countries need further work. This infographic below from the people at Senator highlights that main points of the ACEEE report and examines the variables involved in the “scoring”. Check it out below.

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries

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