The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries

Climate change as a topic is high on the agenda at present. Of course we have seen a lot of talk from the Trump administration and President Trump's opinion of the concept of climate change is widely documented across the Internet.

Despite scepticism, there are still many bodies who actively seek out countries to improve their energy efficiencies and not only does this mean their emissions are lowered, it can also result in lower output costs too.

One such body is the ACEEE who on a yearly basis publish a table with a chart of the most energy efficient countries according to their measurement variables.

The ACEEE is an American body and stands for American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

The guys at Senator Windows have created this Infographic below which details the 2016 results; it also pinpoints the variables and criteria set out by the ACEEE and certainly makes for interesting reading. Check it all out below.

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