Wildlife lovers unwittingly supporting hunting

Ethical Consumer has recently conducted research into how the UK's wildlife lovers could unwittingly be supporting the controversial global hunting industry through their choice of binoculars, cameras and spotting scopes.

The report looks at over 30 of the world's leading binocular, camera and viewing optics companies and finds that more than 80% were involved in selling sport hunting accessories or marketing products to hunters.

Not only does this report seek to stimulate debate around this contradictory situation, but it also identifies which companies consumers should avoid if they wish to cut their links with sport and trophy hunting, including the hunting of bears in North America.

Sadly just less than 15% of the companies surveyed, including Canon Inc and the Olympus Corporation, were found not to be selling or marketing products to hunters.

Embedded within hunting industry

The report reveals the extent to which global optics companies are embedded within the hunting industry. Almost 50% of the companies featured use language in their marketing which references ‘big game' or trophy hunting.

The report also found that many optics companies including Nikon, Swarovski and Zeiss sponsor television programmes that promote trophy hunting.

Almost 80% of companies that sold hunting accessories also sponsor hunting organisations. For example, Swarovski sponsors the Youth Hunter Education Challenge in the US, an event organised by the highly controversial US-based National Rifle Association.

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They think the several million birdwatchers and wildlife lovers in the UK may be shocked to learn that their purchases may be linked to the sport hunting industry, or are actively promoting it.

Please share this post with any wildlife lovers you know who may inadvertently be supporting the hunting industry.

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