Why You Should Give Up Your Car and Ride a Bicycle

The ultimate purpose of technological evolution seems to be aimed at de-evolution of mankind: with almost everything we need or want just a click away, all we need to do is sit down at the PC or grab our phone, browse the net and press the right button. Look at us: we sit in our offices all day until it is time for us to switch to sitting in transport on our way home, where we will probably sit some more in front of the telly or computer before we eventually go to bed. It is a small wonder we still have legs and muscles, considering we seldom get to use them now that sedentary lifestyle has become a norm in most developed countries.

Our bodies are not built to sit all day and all that chair time may be doing more harm than good: studies show that the number of diseases of affluence is on the rise across the globe, sedentary lifestyle and improper diet being the two most prominent causes of a range of conditions such as obesity, elevated blood pressure and heart disease. In other words, if you want to stay healthy, you should better get out of the car and hop onto a bike: besides keeping you fit, biking is also a cost-efficient, eco-friendly and time-saving mode of transport, which is why smart folks throughout the world are already switching to pedal power instead of petrol.

Cycling keeps you healthy and in shape

The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple

The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple

A person weighing around 160 pounds burns as many as 292 calories per hour of cycling at a leisurely pace, and the figures go up with increased cycling intensity and trail difficulty ratings. Biking helps you lose extra waistline inches, preserve optimal weight, build muscles, boost bone density, promote joint mobility and improve flexibility, coordination and posture while allowing you to de-stress and have fun at the same time.

Pedal power is reliable and eco-friendly

With dwindling resources and rapidly growing pollution, cycling is the cleanest mode of transport that will not fail you in case of fuel shortages. Bikes run on pedal power and emit no harmful greenhouse gases, and their production entails a minimal carbon footprint, so by switching to bike-borne trips, you will be doing a favor for both your shape and the planet.

Cycle your way out of traffic jams

Have you ever seen a cyclist caught in a traffic jam? Of course not: on a slim, light bike, you can easily get out of any traffic jam or road delay. Unlike engine powered four-wheelers, bikes can slip past long lines of parked vehicles, which can save you a lot of time in commute on a busy Monday morning. And as your boss is slowly losing his temper stuck behind the wheel in rush hour, you will already be home singing in the shower or relaxing with a glass of wine.

Bicycles go easy on your wallet

With a car as your ride, you are sentenced to a lifetime of repairs, component replacements, registration fees and petrol bills. Not so with the bike: the bicycle runs on sheer muscle power and has no complicated wiring or electronic components, so servicing costs will be minimal. Say Yes to bike-borne commute and haul in substantial gas savings – that is a major trump card to have up your sleeve with petrol prices soaring high.

Why waste a fortune on car repairs, registration and fuel if all you need is a bike and some some cycling gear? By switching from driving to biking, you will be doing a favor to your health, the planet and your finances. Plus, in case your stress level does occasionally hit the roof, you will have a convenient way to pedal it out of your system. Be smart – get a bike and watch your figure, expenses and wasted time trim down as you conquer the streets on your trusted two-wheeled steed.

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