Why We Should Use Renewable Energy

Do you know how much of the world’s energy is produced from non-renewable sources? You may be shocked to find that it’s roughly 80%! Based on current consumption there is only enough oil left in the world to endure our needs for about another 42 years; as for gas there is about another 168 years left and for coal approximately another 330 years left. But bear in mind this is based on current consumption rates, which are constantly increasing.

Non-Renewable Energy is running out

The current consumption rate figures are important. These can be interpreted as we have a bona fide 42 years of oil left. The rapid development and industrialisation of countries which include super powers like China, Brazil and India mean that these consumption rates will increase severely in the next ten years, especially with advances in science, health and technology keeping people alive for much longer.

This makes the threat of running out of vital resources very real and something which is more and more likely to happen in your lifetime and something which will definitely happen in our children’s life times.

The only way we can make sure that the younger generations an equal quality of life to our, if not better, is to change the amount of renewable energy we use from the existing 20% to 80%.

Scientific Advances

Advances in science means that there are now a whole host of renewable energy sources available to us, whose technologies are being vastly improved year on year. This includes sources such as Solar Power, Hydroelectric, Wind and even sources like wood burning. The majority of people reading this will not be taking energy from any of these renewable sources.

It still remains that we are all fairly uneducated about the use and availability of renewable energy sources, the cost to actually implement them and the process we have to go through to get them working for us.

Government Schemes

To make it easier for us all some governments have begun implementing schemes to make it easier for us to make more use of renewable energy sources. This includes incentivised and buy-back schemes for installing solar panels on our properties. The unfortunate outcome of this is that they still require us to make a capital investment, which with the current economic climate doesn’t help.

In conclusion, the only way in which we can have an impact on the current level of renewable energy use is if the super powers of the Earth come together to implement renewable energy sources wherever possible; these talks are already on-going but continuously fall over as agreements on the approach cannot be reached.

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