The True Scale of Deforestation

Every year the earth loses around 15 billion trees. This is a shocking figure. A huge figure. But how big is that really?

Such enormous numbers are hard to grasp, which is why this infographic was created by eC02Greetings, to illustrate just how much forest we lose, and just how quickly we lose it.

It shows just how frightening the true scale of deforestation is.

For instance, every two days we lose an area of forest the size of New York City. An area the size of one of the world’s biggest cities gone in a weekend!

You can also see in this graphic that every three and a quarter years an area the size of California is lost, and every 15 years an area the size of Mexico. That’s almost 72,000 square miles!

Read on to discover more about the devastating scale of deforestation, and the work being done to prevent it.


Deforestation (Development or Destruction?)

Deforestation (Development or Destruction?)

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