Tracing the life of a plastic bag

We are fast-approaching the one-year anniversary of the 5p plastic bag charge, introduced across England by the government in October 2015.

In its latest infographic, bespoke printed bags supplier The Printed Bag Shop has taken an in-depth look at the plastic bag — one of the most widely-used items across the globe, but also among the most controversial.

Browse the full visual below and receive answers to questions such as:

  • What’s the story behind polythene, the material that plastic bags are made of? Also, why is the material so controversial?
  • When was the first ever plastic bag created?
  • How long after the creation of the original plastic bag did it become commercially available?
  • Just how popular were plastic bags before the arrival of the plastic bag tax in England?
  • What impact has the charge had on the use and popularity of plastic bags?

Find out more by viewing the entire graphic today.

Lifecycle of a plastic bag

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