Tips on How to Go Green with Your Pet

Eco Pets

We are all compelled to do our best and reduce our carbon footprint, but what about the not so often discussed carbon pawprint? If you own a pet, there are certainly a few steps you can take to ensure they too are not causing additional harm to the ecosystem. If this subject is completely new to you, here are some useful tips on how to go green with your pet.

Start off with the issue of overpopulation

Eco Pets

Overpopulation is a big factor that contributes to the climate change on our planet. Therefore, the same factor can be applied to your furry little companion. On average, the life of pets has never been so comfortable or protected, which can naturally lead to extreme proliferation of specific species, generally speaking. In order to avoid this, most pet owners will either go out of their way to protect their pets from unwanted sexual contact with other pets or turn to neutering. Sterilization is a very popular solution, and it is not a particularly dangerous type of operation for pets these days.

Think – reusable

When you buy or rescue a pet, you’ll also have to prepare the living space for it. This entails items like sleeping bags or baskets, food and water bowls, dog houses, etc. If you have the option, try to purchase reusable supplies, like machine washable pads. Imagine how much money you can save by rewashing the same pad and don’t even try to imagine how tall the mountain of these disposable pads can get in the landfill. Furthermore, if you can buy items made from recycled materials, go for it. Every little detail counts.

Avoid the chemicals

Eco Pets

In order to protect their pets from fleas and other parasites, many owners use powders teeming with chemicals which can be very damaging to the immediate environment. If you want your dog to be able to play around the yard or a meadow without poisoning the greenery or, even worse, a body of water, you can use other methods of protection – like chewable Comfortis. Since it is made with meat flavor, your doggy can chew it and prance about immediately. It’s the best case scenario for both parties, really – it’s a clean and simple method.

Look for biodegradable stuff

As far as all of disposable items go, try to look for biodegradable ones – things like wipes, cat litter, etc. They’ve even made a degradable pet bowl, and this is not a joke. Other than that, you can find brands of biodegradable poop bags on the market now, which is a big improvement. The problem with plastic bags is already practically unmanageable. However, considering how quickly these biodegradable poop bags can stack up in the landfill, their compostable nature and speed become redundant. Therefore, many pet owners opt for re-purposed poop bags.

If you can, adopt a homeless pet

Eco Pets

Stray pets are a liability for the environment – they are free to mate without control and they can become feral which, depending on their size, can turn them into a serious hazard on four legs. Therefore, if you have the chance, adopt a homeless pet. This doesn’t add to the pet population and you will create a home for an innocent stray that deserves all the love you can give it. It is not only a green option; it is also a humane act.

Cuddling with your pet on daily basis can surely bring a new layer of quality to your life. Pets are known to improve health and speed up the recovery from illness and injury. They are great companions on your life’s journey. However, we live in the time of climate change, when the ecosystem requires that extra bit of care, even when it comes to how you handle your pets. Thankfully, with these tips, your fuzzy companion will end up being just as environmentally responsible as you are.

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