The Effects of Poor Waste Disposal

Every household and business is required by law to dispose of their waste in the appropriate way that is not going to be a cause for concern for local councils, surrounding businesses and your workforce, who’s health you could be putting at risk if hazardous chemicals are not disposed of correctly. Here we look at the effects that poor waste disposal has on various areas:

On The Environment

The environment is so precious, yet we continually take it for granted. The tonnes of waste that is dumped at landfills every year is beyond counting, and it’s only going to grow as the population grows over the next few decades. Recycling has become a legal requirement for the home and at work, but there is still work to be done, as fly tipping is still a common issue, as is the dumping of electrical goods. There are so many ways to improve your waste disposal knowledge and procedures, you just need to check online or call your local council, who will happily provide ways for businesses and homes to find ways to dispose of their waste in the correct way and better serve our environment.

On The Workplace

It is extremely important for every business to have plans in place to dispose of hazardous waste such as chemicals, asbestos and paint, as they can be very dangerous if inhaled and if they regularly come into contact with people. Having the correct procedures in place will ensure a clean and safe working environment that also looks clean and inviting to people who might come to use your business. The local council provide a waste collection service and for a small charge they will collect larger items, so there really is no excuse to not have a regimented system that prevents any waste disposal problems for you and your staff.

On The Home

Every household should be aware of the right way to dispose of all household items, whether they are hazardous to health or not. Recycling bags are provided by the local council and these have the items that you can leave for collection written on the front. These include tins, glass bottles, paper, cardboard and plastic. If you have small children at home, the importance of disposing of hazard chemicals correctly is even more imperative, as children should not be put at risk. Disposing of batteries, empty bottles of bleach and other items is essential to provide safety to your home.

Daley works with Lab Waste and is very interested in environmental issues. He enjoys writing about ways we can make our environment greener.


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