The Eco Friendly Aga, Yes, Stay Warm and Toasty This Winter

There are plenty of ways of keeping warm and toasty this winter, although none so good as an eco-friendly aga style range! You may have read dozens of articles that tell you to wrap up warm, wear extra thick socks and put rugs down on the floor, however this way you can enjoy a toasty home without sacrificing your style.

What is an eco friendly aga?

An eco-friendly ‘AGA' type cooker is not made by the same company that makes the old Agas you may have seen in your parent's home. These range cookers look and function in a very similar way, but are much more environmentally friendly than the old, traditional cookers. An eco-friendly aga style cooker is designed to be highly efficient, use less fuel than the traditional style and still maintains the homely look that these cookers are so famed for. This means that you can enjoy that country-style look in your kitchen, without it costing the earth.

The benefits of an eco-friendly aga

A range cooker in the aga style is perfect for the home, due to the many benefits that come with it. Not only will it cook your food to perfection, but it will save you a great deal of money too. The fuel that is used to power an aga will cost you a fraction of the price that an electric or gas oven will cost you, meaning that you can save plenty of money on your utility bills. Not only that, but by using less fossil fuels, you are doing your bit for the environment as well!

A range cooker, when on, can heat up your home and even dry your washing. No longer will you need to constantly tumble dry the clothes, or turn the heating on. Just by using your aga will ensure your home remains toasty, warm and completely eco-friendly!

Different types of eco-friendly range cookers

There are several different types of eco-friendly aga style range cookers, all with their different pros and cons. The main types are wood, wood pellet and oil, although you can find gas and electric versions too. The difference between an eco-friendly range cooker and a traditional model is the technology that goes inside, giving for a more efficient burn and usage of the fuel. This means that you will consume less and also have a cleaner burn when using fuels such as wood or wood pellets. An eco-friendly wood burning range cooker can use just one log per hour which is 90% energy efficient! Much better than your usual aga, electric or gas stove. If you opt for wood pellets instead then you will have a 100% green range cooker that will cook your food perfectly and keep your home warm when you need it the most.

An eco-friendly aga is a great choice for those who want to have the traditional style range cooker in their home, but do not want to sacrifice the environment. Ensure that you pick your fuel carefully and take a look through the different options before making a final decision.

Barry Sanders is a mean green writing machine and he enjoys nothing more than sitting in front of his eco range aga and thanks the good people at for making him the toastiest green writer around this winter.

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