The Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Christmas for Him

If a green Christmas means more than just the tree to you, then you may be looking for some eco friendly gift ideas for that special man in your life. Whether it be for your father, brother or your partner, there are plenty of gifts that won't cost the earth (literally)! If you want to enjoy an eco friendly Christmas this year then here are some gift ideas that will help you do just that!

Eco-friendly hampers

There is nothing quite as nice as opening a gift packed full of your favourite goodies at Christmas and men love nothing more than their food and drink! Although you may find a dozen hamper websites online, for a truly green Christmas look for the ones that include some organic treats too. Whether it be fair trade chocolate, organic cheese or even a recycled wicker hamper, there will be something for everyone. Some places will let you customise your hampers, others will have the perfect eco-friendly choice for the man you had in mind.

Solar powered gadgets

There are some things that men cannot live without and a lot of them will involve some kind of technology. Although gadgets may not seem like the most eco friendly gift, this has all changed since the introduction of solar powered technology! You can find a whole range of gadgets that are powered by solar including beard trimmers, alarm clocks and even car battery chargers. For those who like to play rather than work, there are also plenty of solar powered toys, radio controlled vehicles and the suchlike to give them too. Perfect for the younger men of the family, or those who haven't quite grown up yet!

Recycled gifts

Recycled gifts are a great eco-friendly Christmas idea for him, especially when you see the amount of different things you can get! How about cuff links that are made from old circuit boards? Great for those who love their technology or who work in IT! There are also a whole range of stationary solutions you can get that have been recycled from things such as tyres, plastic cups, old paper and much more. A quick search on the internet for recycled gifts will give you a massive selection to choose from, all reasonably priced and great for the environment.

Grow your own kits

If the man in your life loves to cook, garden, or both, then a grow your own kit will make the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift! Instead of rushing out to the shop to buy herbs, chilli peppers or even mushrooms, he can grow his very own in the house. This not only cuts down on his shopping bill, but will provide fresh ingredients that can be used in pretty much any dish. Your man will be so happy with his gift that he'll want to start growing things right away. Just be prepared for some green thumbs and muddy finger prints around the house!

These examples are just a few of the eco-friendly gift ideas that you can buy for him this Christmas. A green gift is the perfect way to show how much you care about the men in your life, as well as the environment.

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