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How To Encourage Your Friends & Family To Recycle Properly

Are you an eco-warrior, but some of your friends and family don’t seem to be quite as passionate as you? The worst thing you can do is try and preach to them and force your opinions upon them. If you want to get your friends to start recycling properly, you need to find ways to encourage them, and to show them the potential benefits.

Despite the importance of recycling, it’s shocking how many people don’t bother doing it. People give all sorts of excuses for not recycling, but perhaps the most common one is that they don’t know how to do it properly. If a friend seems interested in recycling, but is a bit overwhelmed by the whole process, you just need to enlighten them as to just how easy it is.

If some of your friends do come around, don’t expect a miracle. They might only initially make small changes to their habits, but at least you will know you are gradually helping to save the planet by convincing one person at a time. Here are some tips to try and help get your friends and family on board with recycling.

Show them how you do it

When your friends come over, show them how you do your recycling and how you organise all your bins. If they see you doing it with ease, they may think it’s less effort than they initially assumed.

For those friends who are actually interested in learning how to recycle like a pro, invite them round for a guided tour of how you recycle. Give them as many helpful tips as possible so that they can become even more efficient at recycling.

Put together a simple how to guide

Another thing you can do if you are really passionate about getting your friends and family to recycle is to put together a step by step guide. If they have a straightforward guide to hand then there’s no excuse for not recycling. You can also write down some little reminders and useful bits of advice for them.

Pack Of Three 25 Litre Recycling Bins

Pack Of Three 25 Litre Recycling Bins

Put them in touch with their local recycling authority

A lot of people don’t recycle because they don’t have the correct bins or aren’t sure what their local authority requires when it comes to recycling. If they don’t have any recycling bins, get them to order some. Also encourage them to look up their local recycling guidelines.

Make them aware of the benefits

Often people avoid recycling because they don’t know the benefits, so they don’t have a strong enough reason to bother (despite there being plenty). Explain how recycling can help our planet, save them money and make their home more eco-friendly.

Send them a few YouTube videos

Sometimes all it takes is a hard hitting video or story to encourage action. Find some videos on YouTube that demonstrate the devastation that the world’s rubbish causes. If you can’t verbally convince them to recycle then maybe a video can.

Show them that they can make a difference

People can’t always see themselves as part of the bigger picture. They know that if more people recycled properly it would help to improve our planet, but they just can’t see how they can make a big enough difference.

Provide them with some simple fact about household recycling. For example, 1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 3 hours and Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. These are hard facts that will help them to see that they can in fact make a difference.

This is a guest post from Edward Woodward. A writer at Kedel blog

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Posted by Eco Warrior - January 16, 2016 at 6:16 am

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Local Council Make A Poor Attempt At Recycling

Last week I was visited by a representative from my local council. When I opened the door a very cheerful women announced that she was calling round to explain the recycling service offered by the council. She handed me a leaflet which would explain what I could put into my recycling bin and another which introduced their e+ card which I should apply for. Apparently, being in possession of this magic card would enable me to claim free gifts in return for correct recycling. This all sounded very positive and proactive and so I thanked her, closed the door and got on with my work.

Hating Waste

A couple of days passed after which I thought it might be a good idea to read the leaflets to confirm what I could now recycle and to find out where I could apply for the special card. The council’s efforts at recycling had always been less than impressive as there were only a few things you could actually put into the bin and so I was looking forward to improvements. I hate waste and it rankled with me that my local authority were doing little to minimise it.

The Truth

On reading the leaflet I was rather shocked to find that nothing had changed. The list of recyclable items was still very short and was dwarfed by the list of material you could not put in the bin. Residents would still be required to transport the rest of their rubbish to a recycling centre themselves, which of course most people either will not or cannot do. A mountain of perfectly recyclable material was still going to end up in landfill.

The Card

The card annoyed me too. The idea is that your bins are checked and if you have no banned items in there you are rewarded with points on your card. In other words this is not so much an incentive scheme as an audit and I am sure that this will eventually lead to sanctions or charges being imposed on those who do not play ball. The council really should focus on recycling more rather than punishing their residents for making a mistake. I now wished that I had looked at the leaflets whilst the woman was on my doorstep. I could have good have vented my spleen right there and then but I didn’t have my reading glasses and so could not see them!

Not So e+

To make matters worse the e+ card which does rather imply that it is electronic cannot be applied for online. If I want one of these things I have to present myself at the council offices or local sports centre with documents to prove my identity. This is absurd! I pay £2000 per year in council tax and the account is in my name. Why do I need to prove I live here to get a card? I obviously live here otherwise why would I be paying all that money? I am quite inclined not to get a card except that the things also get you discounts at the sports centres and I would like to take advantage of these.

Nothing New

What promised to be a new dawn had turned out to be a case of same old S*** just another day. If I want to recycle my food trays, yoghurt pots, foil, glass bottles and plastic bags I still have to collect them in something and then drive them to the appropriate place myself. Those journeys use valuable fuel and cause me to emit more co2. Even worse, most people don’t bother and just send everything to landfill. The council have to come here to collect the items they will accept so could they not help save the planet by collecting everything whilst they are here?

Sally Stacey is a keen writer and business owner who divides her time between writing and running her bridal shop.

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Posted by Guest Author - January 31, 2014 at 8:34 am

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Why Recycling Scrap Metal is Better for the Environment

Whether or not you have an interest in the environment, you will not be able to escape news on it these days. More and more individuals are beginning to change the way they live their lives in a bid to do their bit. Whether they are recycling at home, buying from retailers with strong environmental policies or simply cutting back on chemicals in a bid for a healthier existence it appears the environment topic is not one that is going away, even for those who doubt global warming is a real issue.

In the 21st Century we are all working hard to improve our quality of life and hoping to leave something for our grandchildren’s children to enjoy. We are all learning to put our recyclable goods in certain bins for suitable collection and opting for organic goods over ones full of pesticides. Businesses too are more environmentally conscious than ever before, not only because of legislation but also because consumers care. One of the ways businesses are being encouraged to help improve their corporation’s responsibilities is by examining their waste products and finding ways to ensure they are not ending up in the landfill or contaminating the environment.

Scrap metal is a common by-product found in production. Rather than simply allowing this metal to fill up landfill sites the metal should be recycled. But why? How is recycling scrap metal responsibly good for the environment?

  • Scrap metal can be melted down and reused in various industries and for multiple uses. This reduces the need to create new metal which is environmentally intensive.
  • The waste products produced when making metal are all bad for the environment. Reusing metal reduces the production of these waste products.
  • Toxic fumes are created when manufacturing metal. By reusing instead of making more we cut down on the amount of pollution that is produced.
  • Scrap metal is just as good as using newly produced metals, so why let it go to waste when it is perfectly usable?
  • Recycling scrap metal is not only better for the environment; it can also be more affordable and cost effective for the buyer. In this case, everyone wins.

How to Ensure Your Scrap Metal is Properly Recycled

Insider's Guide to Scrap Metal Recycling

Insider's Guide to Scrap Metal Recycling

When you choose to add recycling your company’s scrap metal into your environmental policy you will need to find ways of getting rid of it. In order to make sure it is responsibly reused and not just ending up in landfill sites regardless of what the company are telling you it is necessary to find a reliable company to work with. Waste management firms should have a website that is full of useful information and be willing to discuss what will happen to your scrap metal once it has been collected.

The company should give you a few options on how they can quickly and easily come and remove your waste metals. In addition to the metal collection check to see if they can help you with the recycling of any other waste materials. They should also be happy to take care of any paperwork that is required to show that the waste is being disposed of properly and following legislation. These firms are able to make the act of recycling a lot more pain free for businesses who want to do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment.

Change the Way You Operate

Recycling waste is one of the steps you can take to improve the way you work in regards to helping the environment and match current consumer buying trends.  Combine recycling with less fuel usage, energy conservation, recyclable packaging and eliminating harsh chemicals within the company and you will be making great progress.

Sally Dimmock is a freelance writer and environmentalist who is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes reduce their impact on the environment. She recommends that companies use scrap yards in Essex to make recycling easy.

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Posted by Guest Author - May 24, 2013 at 7:35 am

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How You Can Help Reduce Junk Cars’ Impact on the Environment

It's easy to underestimate the effect that junk cars have on our environment. Although environmentalists are focused on combating global warming, a cloud of smog seems to be always hanging over large metropolitan areas, and some of that can be attributed to older and junk vehicles.

There has been extensive research performed to determine the overall impact that junk cars have on our atmosphere, including a recent study involving junk cars and older cars and those built prior to 2000 that unearthed several discoveries.

First, older cars experience leaks in canisters and fluid tanks which can leak into ground, causing harm to our soil and our water supplies. It is worth noting that cars constructed before 2000 produce emissions that form smog that are 60 times what the 2008 and newer similar cars emit. To further illustrate this example, consider that every 4 miles of driven by an older model vehicle are just as harmful as a newer model car built after 2008 would emit after 240 miles of driving.

Crushed cars stacked at an auto scrapyard phot...

Crushed cars stacked at an auto scrapyard photographed in Fort Washington, Maryland, USA. Category:Junk yards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting getting these older model cars and junk cars off the road will aid the environment on multiple levels from air quality to water protection. Decreasing the amount of junk cars can also provide benefits to the owners of the vehicle as well. The governments of Canada and the United States have programs that assist owners in getting rid of their junk cars as a way of promoting environmental integrity and air quality.

For example, Vancouver has inaugurated a program dubbed Scrap-It. This program promotes scrapping the old cars to remove emissions from the road and enhance the quality of air by giving them up to $200 cash for their junk cars or by providing them with transit passes, bicycles and other green transportation options in exchange for their junk cars.

The most popular way to get rid of junk cars in the United States is by contacting a local junk car removal company. These companies make the procedure for unloading unwanted vehicles quite simple. In any large metropolitan area, there are typically numerous junk car removal companies that will pay YOU cash on the spot and haul the vehicle away.

All you need to do is contact a We Buy Junk Cars company and they'll typically give you an instant offer right over the phone after you offer an accurate description of the condition of your vehicle. If you like the quote offered for your junk vehicle, they'll come right to you, give you your cash, pick the car up and tow it away. So not only do you get the satisfaction of getting an environmental hazard off of the roads, but you also get a little extra cash in your pocket.

One of the great aspects about junk car removal for improving the environment is that it really doesn't matter what condition the vehicle is in. If it's been wrecked, doesn't run, needs a new transmission or is on its last leg, the junk car removal companies don't care. They will haul the car away no matter what the condition is. Furthering the environmental impact, the junk car companies typically take the cars to an automobile recycling plant where every piece of the junk car will be harvested and used to make other products.

So if you've thought about getting rid of your junk car and upgrading to a more eco-friendly vehicle, consider contacting a junk car removal service that is committed to disposing of your car in the most environmentally friendly way so that your decision has the greatest possible positive impact that it can on the environment.


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Posted by Eco Warrior - January 2, 2013 at 7:42 am

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15 Ideas for a Greener Christmas

You know it’s the holiday season when high streets and houses alike become covered with twinkling lights, and the temperature difference between shops and outside is at least 20C. However, more and more of us are becoming aware of how those light displays, overheating and wastefulness is impacting the world around us.

So, even if you just can’t bear to part with your Christmas tree lights, why not take a few of these ideas and have yourself a greener Christmas.

1. Buy a real, potted Christmas tree that you can use year after year – though make sure it only spends a few days inside to maximise its life.

2. Try to get everyone to unwrap their presents carefully, so you can de-sticky tape and save the paper for next year.

3. Hunt for pinecones, brush any dirt off, and then use as table decorations, tree decorations and wreath making. If you like, use eco spraypaint in a silver or gold for a glitzier look.

4. Fill wooden bowls with organic whole nuts as an attractive, edible centrepiece.

5. Start saving your newspapers and use these to wrap presents – the paper can be recycled afterwards.

6. Swap tinsel for popcorn garlands – you can put these outside afterwards for the birds.

7. Upcycle old scraps of cloth or worn clothes by sewing them into heart or star-shaped tree decorations. Stuff with an eco friendly toy stuffing, or rice for a chunkier shape.

8. Use scraps of old wrapping paper or newspaper to create paper chains to adorn your tree.

9. Instead of using sticky tape to fix your wrapping, go vintage and use second hand ribbon or string to secure.

Wilkin & Sons LTD Tiptree Organic Christmas pudding 1lb Made in England

Wilkin & Sons LTD Tiptree Organic Christmas Pudding

10. Bake gingerbread men with organic ingredients, and use to decorate your tree in place of commercially-wrapped candy canes.

11. Buy or sew a reusable cloth advent calendar, and fill with sweets wrapped in recyclable baking parchment or in small, reusable tins to cut down on waste.

12. Burn eco candles instead of using your usual decorative indoor fairy lights – many companies even do gorgeous Christmas scents.

13. Make an organic dried fruit wreath in place of your usual, treated foliage one, or use the fruit as a centrepiece on cheap dining sets.

14. Buy cards made with recycled paper avoiding any designs with glitter on so they can be recycled in turn. Better still; make your own using recycled card and eco paint!

15. Use recycled paper to make snowflakes to stick on your windows. These can be kept and used again year after year.

How are you making this Christmas greener?

Featured image:

Estelle Page is an interior designer who loves Christmas but likes to be green too! She writes for Great Furniture Trading Co sharing her tips and tricks.

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Posted by Eco Warrior - December 21, 2012 at 7:04 am

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WEEE Recycling Keeps Laptops Out of Landfills

There is extremely high turnover in the computer world. It is rare for someone to hold on to the same computer for more than a few years. Many people get the latest model of laptop as soon as it comes out each year. While the reason for this is obvious, given that each new model boasts substantially-improved performance over the last one, there are also some pretty obvious downsides. The main problem is waste. Every year, a whole generation of laptops and desktops is thrown away to become new fixtures on landfills. This has serious repercussions for the environment.


The problem with computer waste is that just like many other machines, the parts will not decompose naturally. Laptops are not biodegradable. As a result, not only is this clearly only a short-term solution, but there may also be long-term repercussions. We are going to have to deal with the waste eventually, and while we wait, some of it is already doing harm. Computers are mostly made from plastic and metal, but there are also some more harmful materials present in miscellaneous components such as motherboard batteries. Various chemicals are free to seep into the ground and the water and cause all manner of trouble for both wildlife and ourselves.


The solution to all of this is responsible recycling. It is not hard to see that if we reuse the materials that would otherwise go to waste, we solve many of these problems all at once. It is important to take a stand against wastefulness and make an active effort to recycle everything we can. Computers are a good place to start. Rather than simply throw out your existing PC or laptop, consider taking it to a responsible recycling company. They can undoubtedly find a better use for it than merely dumping it on a landfill.

Best Practices

Directives like WEEE recycling can help to make the world a better place. Although we are unlikely to see vast changes in the short term, our long-term prospects are much better than if we were simply to continue dumping materials as we have done in the past. Proper recycling practices can help to reuse our machines and turn their plastic, metal and glass into new items. This more sustainable circle bodes far better for our future. Look for recycling companies that adhere to WEEE protocols so that you can be sure that your computer will be in good hands.

Guest article brought to you by OCM Business Systems, the PC recycling experts.

Other Resources


WEEE Recycling | Polidor RecyclingWEEE Recycling | Polidor Recycling


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Posted by Eco Warrior - December 18, 2012 at 9:36 am

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The Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Christmas for Her

Making her Christmas special can be a tough job for anyone, but making it green can be all you need to ensure she is made up with her gifts! Eco friendly gifts can show a lot of thought, effort and attention, which all women love when it comes to opening their presents! If you want to make her Christmas special and eco-friendly, then check out these top gift ideas.

Eco-friendly clothes

It is very true that women love clothes, even more so when they are eco-friendly. There are various stores that offer environmentally friendly and fair trade clothing that the woman in your life will be more than happy to wear. You can find items such as recycled yarn socks, fair trade scarves and even whole outfits made with the environment in mind. Green clothes doesn't mean that your mother, daughter, sister or partner has to dress up like an elf this Christmas, it just means that they are made using recycled materials, fair trade workers or other eco-friendly methods. There are whole stores and websites dedicated to ethical and environmentally friendly clothes, so take a look through and make sure you know her size!

Environmentally friendly jewellery 

The next thing on any women's gift list has got to be jewellery, this is a must-have for grown ups and little ladies alike. Many people understand that a lot of jewellery on the market is not exactly ethical, with the constant news about mines and poor working conditions. If you want to get your loved one jewellery, but don't want it to cost the earth, then there are some eco-friendly and fair trade options too. Look for metals that are recycled, or even leather or rope instead of silver and gold. Rope and leather bracelets are extremely popular at the moment and mean that the lady in your life can adorn them with their favourite charms and accessories. Make sure that whatever you pick is something truly special, or even get it personalised to achieve that ‘wow' factor when it is opened on Christmas day!

Green cosmetics and smellies

A lady can never have enough cosmetics or smellies in their bathroom, which is why they make the perfect Christmas gift. Those who would prefer to stick to high street shopping should take a peek into the wonderful world of Body Shop and Lush for a whole range of eco-friendly options when it comes to bath time and even make-up! If you would prefer to order online then there are websites dedicated to selling environmentally friendly cosmetics. All of the ingredients should be natural and not tested on animals for them to even warrant being ‘green'. If you are unsure what the woman in your life might like then take a sneaky look through her bathroom cupboards when she's not looking. You'll find out her favourite smelling shower gel and perhaps even the shade of her foundation. If you're still stuck for ideas then try asking around members of the family or friends. Making sure you get the right type of cosmetics will make all the difference when it comes to your gift being used or re-wrapped and given to someone else!

Buying gifts for her doesn't have to be hard, as long as a little thought goes into them. You can have an eco-friendly gift personalised for something a bit more special, or find out her favourite fragrance and find the ‘green' option that she is bound to love!

Debbie Manhis is has been living proud and green for over a decade and loves to share her tips with everyone. She writes on behalf of

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Posted by emmac - December 16, 2012 at 8:13 am

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Towards A More Sustainable Future

People are starting to pay more attention to recycling methods, and this can only be a good thing for the environment and our world at large. The vast landfills of waste that we have produced are all the incentive we need to change our approach. Recycling gives us the opportunity to make things better by reusing existing materials rather than simply throwing them out and drawing more from the Earth. Recycling starts at home, and your old computers are a great place to begin. Modern computers and other electronics devices are very well suited to recycling, as many of the components are made from glass, steel, aluminium and recyclable plastic.

Positives And Negatives

Recycling computers is only a good thing, but there are a few dangers that you should be aware of before you hand over your machine. While most of the glass, plastic and metal parts of a computer can be recycled very easily and effectively, there are other components that present greater difficulties. Certain components within a computer case can contain hazardous chemicals and other things that can present a danger if not disposed of correctly. It is also worth remembering that computers older than a certain age may present more difficulties than modern machines. Most modern electronics devices can be recycled almost in their entirety however.

Rules And Regulations

Whenever hazardous materials are involved, it is easy to understand why rules and regulations are important. Not only do toxic chemicals present a danger to the environment as a whole, but they can also run the risk of damaging the health of those working around them. Ideally, any recycling company involved in the recycling of computers will be experienced and well versed in the disposal of these materials. It is a good idea to check before submitting your machine, as  a company that follows the necessary guidelines and ensures the safety of its operations will be far kinder to the environment.

Towards A More Sustainable Future

We are constantly moving towards a future in which we need far less in the way of new raw materials. There is no reason why the vast majority of our machines cannot be produced from existing, defunct designs that are no longer needed. When people replace their computers every two or three years, there can be a lot of waste as a result. It is well worth doing your part to maintain our environment and move us towards a time when we no longer need to contaminate the land, sea and air to such an extent in the production of electrical appliances. It is a nice thought that the device you have been using for your entertainment and productivity can be recycled into something else that will serve humanity similarly for many more years to come, before undergoing computer recycling yet again.

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Posted by Eco Warrior - November 28, 2012 at 4:42 pm

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5 Ways to Save Money While Recycling

Recycling is something that most people do out of a sense of responsibility and awareness of the impact that us destructive humans tend to have on the planet. It’s one of those things that we all accept is done more for the good of your conscience than as something enjoyable or financially advantageous. However, what if you could actually save yourself money by recycling – making sure that you get both the environmentally conscious halo and a slightly healthier bank balance?

Recycling saves money generally, as it costs around £100 a tonne to collect and process recycled material but £130 a tonne for rubbish disposal – in London last year £30 million was saved by Londoners recycling rather than throwing away old rubbish. On an individual level you can also make your own savings from recycling, either by making use of old items yourself, or passing them on to others to do it.

Recycle old clothes

Whilst in the past you might have dropped off all old clothes and shoes at a charity shop, now there’s a much more cash rich alternative. If you want to make some money from the items that you might otherwise have thrown away then there are options – both online and on the high street – for earning by the weight of what you’re recycling. You simply take in your old bags of clothes, or register on a website for a free bag, and you’ll receive a price in return depending on the volume that you’re passing on. The charity St Mungos runs the website, which is a great, organised way to recycle all your old favourites.

Stop using disposable items

The cost of using disposable items is not only felt by the planet but also by your bank account. From batteries, to plastic water bottles, coffee cups, nappies, paper serviettes, cups and tablecloths there are many items that we regularly use and then throw away; and then buy again, use and throw away. Instead of opting for disposables, buy reusable items that you can recycle again and again – swap throw-away water bottles for a good solid flask, use cloth nappies, a fabric tablecloth and take your coffee to work in a thermos cup, rather than buying endless paper cups of coffee.

Make use of what you might throw away

This could be anything from the food scraps that you would usually chuck out to the bottles, jars and packets that normally go straight in the bin. Instead of binning food scraps – going through endless plastic bin liners along the way – turn your chuck outs into compost and save yourself money on garden supplies whilst cultivating beautiful plants at the same time. If you don’t have a garden then try and turn items you’re about to throw out to a new use – use empty wine bottles as vases, turn old boxes into inexpensive document storage and use jars to hold everything from sweets to cereals to pens.

Recycle your electronics

Rather than chucking an old phone, laptop or TV when it reaches the end of its life, why not opt instead for one of the many recycling options, where you are paid for passing over old electronic equipment. The price you will get varies depending on the item and how old it is, but you can usually make something to put towards the cost of a new one and save yourself paying the full price.

Freecycle your belongings

The idea behind Freecycle is that items that one person may no longer want or need might come in very useful to another. If you are looking to get rid of an old piece of furniture then rather than paying for someone to come and take it away you can hand it on to another person who needs it through an organisation like Freecycle. Selling items on eBay, through Gumtree, or simply passing on to friends and family is also a great way to save yourself removal costs whilst recycling, and also to make a bit of money at the same time.

If you’ve never been particularly keen on recycling then perhaps the added incentive of saving – or even making – some cash might be enough to get you interested. These genius ways for generating positive financial health from recycling will keep your bank balance in good shape, as well as your conscience.

John is a freelance writer working with man & van junk clearance specialists Anyjunk in the UK. Unlike skip hire and other forms of junk removal Anyjunk's team actively divert the waste they remove away from landfill with 86% of the waste they collect being reused or recycled rather than dumped.

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Posted by Eco Warrior - October 30, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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PC Recycling: The Responsible Option In Today’s World

It is inevitable that no matter how good your brand-new computer seems today, it will be hopelessly outclassed by next year. It tends to be the case that those users who care the most about getting the latest and greatest hardware are the most disappointed when a better model comes out the following season. Because of this, people generally replace their machines quite often. It is rare to find any enthusiastic user who is still using a terribly outdated PC. When replacing your computer, do try to avoid merely throwing it out, as recycling is a far more sensible and responsible option in today's world.

Environmental Hazards

When looking at a computer, and in particular when looking at its innards, it is pretty obvious that very few parts are biodegradable. Steel, aluminium, glass and plastic are likely to stick around for decades if not centuries. Simply throwing away your computer ensures that it will be spoiling the environment for an indefinite time into the future. This is even more serious when you consider the hazardous waste contained in many displays and batteries. Harmful toxic gases and liquids can cause all manner of untold harm to the world if simply dumped indiscriminately.

Disposing Of The Waste

Recycling is the only sensible way to take care of this problem. Rather than throw harmful chemicals and permanent materials onto a landfill, consider having your computing hardware sorted into its component parts and then reused for new applications. This ensures that each kind of material is handled separately and carefully. Batteries, for example, need to go through special processing to ensure safety for both the environment and the workers involved. The chemicals can often be either disposed of more effectively or reused, which not only saves the environment but also reduces the need for further manufacturing of harmful chemicals.

Circle Of Life

The life of a computer does not need to end when you are done using it. Instead, its components can be broken down and reused for future applications. Raw steel and aluminium can be used for any number of machines, from new computers to cars to phones to kitchen appliances and more. It is a nice thought that the materials in your old device may be in use by someone else in a different part of the world today rather than sitting uselessly in a landfill.

Effective Recycling

PC recycling must be done by a responsible company that takes care to make the most of all of the materials in your old machines. Related safety precautions include shredding the hard drives in order to prevent your old data from falling into the wrong hands. The various gases and fluids in displays, batteries and other miscellaneous components should be disposed of safely and professionally so that they can be reused to the best of our abilities in new products. When you send your computer to a dedicated recycling facility, you can be sure that it will be treated carefully and processed so that we all get the maximum benefit from your initial purchase.

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Posted by Eco Warrior - October 26, 2012 at 9:02 am

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