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Easy Ways to Recycle Electronics

We enjoy upgrading our electronic devices when new brands and new models are released, but that leaves us with a pile of old devices that need to be given away or recycled. It can seem like a complicated process, but with a little research, electronics recycling is the safest way to dispose of your gadgets to make room for new ones.

Electronic waste has become an important topic of discussion with environmentalists because of our dependence on these products to work and live. Laptops, smartphones and tablets can all be recycled and you’ll be satisfied to know that you’re protecting the environment with these methods.

Why Recycle Your Devices?

There are several reasons you shouldn’t just throw your old devices in the trash, but the most significant is the presence of toxic chemicals in these products. Elements like lead, mercury and cadmium can be very dangerous when they’re absorbed through air, water and food, so it’s imperative that all your electronics, including televisions and PC’s are recycled safely and responsibly.

The toxins are created through chemical processes used to make your devices, and when they’re exposed to the environment, they will cause harm to the population in the surrounding area. When we don’t use electronics recycling and choose to dump our devices into a landfill, we leave ourselves open to birth defects, cancer and organ damage.

What Are Your Options?

High standard e-stewards are located in every U.S. state that will not only recycle your devices, they will also refurbish things that still work. You’ll need to make sure you delete any personal data you might have on your items, but this is one of the most beneficial and easiest ways to dispose of your gadgets. You can also donate functional devices to organizations that will redistribute them to areas of need like schools, non-profits and other parts of the world to help with job training and economic growth.

Recycling cell phones is probably the easiest thing to do, since there are several ways to mail out your phones free of charge. A quick web search will give you enough comfortable options to choose from.

Earn Money While Going Green

Electronic manufacturers will sometimes offer to take back your devices for responsible recycling, and depending on the company, you may get money back with the trade in. In most cases, you can contact the manufacturer directly to find out how they handle recycling their products. Apple especially has an extensive recycling program for all their products.

Locally, you can check your town or city’s calendar for a collection date for used electronics. If this isn’t an option, however, you can bring most of your old products to retailers like Best Buy and Staples. These stores are known to be responsible recyclers since they partner with the brands they sell.

If your devices are in good working shape, you can also try to sell them yourself. Again, make sure that all your personal data is wiped or deleted from the item. Websites like eBay and Green Buyback are great places to try and make some money back on the devices you’ve outgrown. There are plenty of people who will want your devices at a discount.

Electronics recycling doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated, but it is a very important part of being an environmentally responsible consumer. With a little research, you can donate, return, sell or simply find a reputable recycler to dispose of your gadgets without using landfills. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that someone else might be getting use out of your devices, and you’re also helping to avoid environmental illnesses from electronic waste. Being responsible will ensure you enjoy your upgrades even more.

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Posted by Eco Warrior - May 24, 2017 at 5:53 am

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