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7 Green Gift Ideas this Christmas

For many of us, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the ‘perfect’ gifts for our loved ones, however, in the pursuit of them, we often put the environment on second place, but the environment remembers!

Christmas is considered to be the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, but simultaneously is the most stressful and consumer-drive period of time that ultimately leads to a huge amount of waste. As we are more conscious about our food or clothing, why shouldn’t we have the same attitude towards Christmas gifts.

Green gifts might be regarded as too ‘pricey’ or hard to find, however they have a great reputation of being creative, useful and help you reduce the impact on environment. Giving green gifts is about more than merely choosing a sustainable product. There are also the perfect grounds to help out your loved ones to be more eco-conscious. By opting for them, you will also encourage them  to change their habits and become eco-friendly.

For instance, when we think about solar powered gadgets, we think about the future. How cool is to have a gadget that rely on renewable energy. Not only the product is useful and green, but it will help your giftee to better understand the landscape of renewable energy. The same applies when we deliver a green message – a book made out of recycled paper that covers eco-sustainability topics.

If you’re looking for more thoughtful gifts this Christmas, with a lower environmental impact, check these 7 green gift ideas.

7 Green Gift Ideas this Christmas


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Posted by Eco Warrior - December 13, 2017 at 5:03 pm

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