Solar energy and sustainability: why it is important?

Solar Panel Array

Right now the world is still dependent on fossil fuels, because it is the most common energy source. But, since the usage of fossil fuels is the main cause of the greenhouse effect as well as global warming, there is an undeniable need to use alternative energy sources to generate electricity, such as solar power. And the benefits of using solar energy go way beyond reducing carbon emissions. So we, LEDwatcher team, offer you a look at the primary reasons why solar energy is so beneficial and important to sustainability and to humankind.

Solar power provides long-term energy certainty

Solar energy, unlike other energy sources, is basically inexhaustible. Fossil fuel reserves are running dangerously low, and soon they will dry up all together. But solar energy provides long-term energy certainty, because photo-voltaic cells collect sunlight to generate electricity. So the only resource used in electricity generation process with solar panels is sunlight, and, as long as the sun is shining, we will be able to produce clean, green energy from its light.

Solar energy is beneficial to the environment

The environmental impact from solar energy is also very low. First of all, it is considered the greenest and cleanest energy, because neither generation or consumption of it crates any carbon dioxide or other exhaust gases. This means that solar energy is in no way responsible for global warming or the greenhouse effect, which are two of the biggest environmental concerns right now. Second of all, solar energy is also considered much safer to humans and the environment, because it is lot easier to make and transport, without causing any natural disasters. Oil transportation can cause spillages from tankers, coal mining can lead to landslides in mines and oil drilling is prone to fires on drilling rings. But the only thing the mining of solar energy can cause is a bit of CO2 emission during the transportation of the solar panels. So solar power is still far less dangerous to the environment. Beside the positive impacts of solar energy on the environment and our life quality far outweigh the negative, making solar power the best alternative energy option.Solar Panels

Solar energy infrastructure prevents destruction of land and habitat

Usage of solar energy can also prevent destruction of land and habitat. Inevitably ecosystems are be destroyed to mine raw materials like fossil fuels or generate nuclear power. Trees are cut down, swamps are dried up and other habitats are destroyed to make room for factories, mines and power plants. But with solar farms, that is not the case. Yes, solar facilities still have to put up solar panels, which will cause loss of habitat, however, it is on far less destructive scale, because solar panels are simply placed on top of the land, not drilled into it or built above it. And since, many solar companies are striving to use only otherwise unusable and inhabitable land for their solar panel farms, like deserts or disaster sites, solar industry might even make use of land that previously was without a purpose.

Solar energy is a safe and clean alternative to other power sources

Plug-In Solar 4kW (4000W) DIY Solar Power Kit with Roof Mount (Tile or Slate)

Plug-In Solar 4kW (4000W) DIY Solar Power Kit with Roof Mount

Solar energy can also fully replace other power sources and be a clean and safe energy alternative. Fossil and nuclear energy, which are two of the most common power sources right now, cause all kinds of environmental problems. Electricity generation from fossil fuels cause air pollution, which can result in acid rain, greenhouse effect and other serious changes in the environment. And nuclear power pollutes water and land, as well as poses a threat of another nuclear disaster. But solar power doesn’t cause any pollution, at least not in the electricity generation stage, so after the panels are manufactured and set up, they provide fully clean energy for years to come.

Solar power fights against climate change

Finally, solar power can also prevent global warming, which is probably the most dangerous environmental problem of this time. Global warming causes increase in the average temperature, and these changes lead to hurricanes, melting of polar ice caps, extinction of wildlife habitats, increasing of sea level among other problems. And, since carbon dioxide emissions, which are created by using fossil fuels as energy sources, are the main cause for global warming, solar energy could be the force that stops or at least slows down climate change and global warming.

The fight against pollution and climate change caused by the non-renewable energy industry is and will continue to be a difficult one, because people are not willing to sacrifice their old way of life in the name of sustainability. But solar power could really make a difference, because it is green, clean and sustainable source of energy. And with solar technologies evolving each year, solar power is also becoming more available to anyone, which is why everyone should consider to take a chance and try going solar.

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