Scrap Car Network

Recycling Lives’ Scrap Car Network is the largest charity-operated scrap car collection service in the UK. Our nationwide service offers the best prices for end-of-life, old or written-off cars, motorbikes and vans, and releases value from them by recycling and reusing as many parts and materials as possible. Thanks to our nationwide network of partners, we can obtain the best price possible for your vehicle.

There’s no need to worry about towing, as we offer a totally free collection service throughout the UK. If your car is newer/still in a roadworthy condition, we will aim to resell it (reflected in the price we pay you) and make sure the vehicle continues to serve low-income families. We take care of all the DVLA paperwork for you, including the V5 logbook and de registration of the vehicle where necessary, and we issue you with a Certificate of Destruction after your vehicle has been scrapped.

We Scrap Any Car

We pride ourselves on recycling any vehicle, regardless of age, registration or condition. Every car we recycle is processed at an authorised recycling and waste management site, so you can be sure that your car will be disposed of ethically and in an environmentally friendly way. The Scrap Car Network couldn’t run without our many collection partners across the UK, all of whom share our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

To get a quick, no-obligation quote, simply head on over to and enter your vehicle registration and postcode.

The Recycling Lives Charity

The Scrap Car Network is run by Recycling Lives, an award-winning social welfare charity based in Lancashire. The charity combines a commitment to recycling with helping vulnerable and marginalised people get back into work, training and education. Placements on Recycling Lives’ residential programme are offered to people battling homelessness, unemployment, addiction and mental and physical health problems, supporting them to build up the skills they need to return to independent living.

As well as providing financial support to Recycling Lives, the Scrap Car Network offers work placements to Residents, allowing them to gain valuable employment experience, new skills and most importantly, regain their self-confidence. Many Residents undertake work placements with Scrap Car Network during their time with Recycling Lives and a significant number go on to secure long-term employment as a direct result of our work experience placements.

A car scrapping scheme that helps people, the environment and gives you the best price for your unwanted vehicles? We think that sounds like a pretty good deal.

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